Snail between the rainy season

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Date. 09. 11. 2018

For mountainous areas. At this time it's time for prolonged rain. As we know it. Central Aceh is a mountainous area prone to landslides and flash floods.

I report @badratulnafis.

The object of my post today is not about flash floods or landslides. But I saw it when it rained. I watch the night. A pair of snails are mating. This snail is present after the rain has subsided. I am not suspicious. Apparently ... Closing the marriage that way.

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A pair of snails. It turns out the color of the shell is different. If the male is brown and the female is white.

At the time of the wedding snail. Spread a kind of antenna from the bottom of his mouth. I don't know what came and came out of him.

What is genitals?

I don't know, I don't understand that yet. Maybe only scientists about animals can answer what I see. Because I can only see by not using other research laboratory equipment about animals.

This type of snail. Often we find on branches and leaves of low trunked plants. Like, flowers. Or other plants.

Winter is due to prolonged rainfall. This snail. Very much comes out between the bushes. Approaching the human environment. Suppose a garden behind a house or front yard that grows many flower plants. "Especially in this area".


Are the same in your area. Like what I found today.
If correct. I can conclude this animal. Present during the rainy season around us. To mate.

Why is that.?

I am with my logic. It is done by snails. To avoid predators. When a snail slugs.

I am @badratulnafis. Once again report. From Isaq district, Central Aceh district. Nanggro Aceh Darussalam Profession.


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Hi @badratulnafis, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @badratul and @badululafafis don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @saratul ?

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there was a technical error when I typed it. When I write. but this is very proud of me. because your comment helped me to check the post again. I sent.

Thank you @checky.
have a nice day.