10 the Cat is the Prettiest in the World

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If You want a pet that has a calm temperament and easy to maintain then a cat is the answer. But usually the pet lovers want animals that are cute and pretty. Here are 10 cats the prettiest in the world.

Did You know that it turns out that cats have an intelligence similar to a dog, even You can train a cat to do some specific tricks. The cat also has a temperament that is calm so that You can easily keep the cats, different dogs, sometimes dogs have to be trained secaraintensif to be taught to be more quiet. Cats are also famous animals clean, You simply put the sand box as the place for the cat to urinate and teach they.

  1. Ragdoll
    The name Ragdoll comes from the breeders in the ' 60s derived from the characteristics of these cats where they become as limp and relaxed when You want to lift it. One of the unique characteristics other than the beautiful cat are the ears and tail of their cat which is colored black. The cat has soft fur, affectionate, and is a type of house cat who will follow You from one room to another even greet You when You come home.

Aside from their beauty, this cat is quite smart because they can be careful using nails and teeth when playing with You or your child. The average lifespan of this cat is 14 years old.

  1. Russian Blue
    Originating from the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia, other names of this cat is the Archangel Blues because of the color of his fur was a silver bluish. Other characteristics of this cat are the eyes which are colored green. They can even be trained to be a hunter in the capture of birds, kelici, or animal reptile small.

The Russian Blue is a cat who is also popular as pets because they love to play and his fur is thick so they do not require special care. In addition they are quite sensitive to the emotions of their owners.

  1. Savannah
    In addition as one of the most beautiful in the world, this cat breed Savannah is also one of the kind cat is the most expensive in the world. Is a mixture of domestic cat home with the african wild cat,cross-breeding was started in 1986 and now is the authenticity of it could produce a cat for $22.000, or around 288 Million Dollars. Please be aware that a fantastic price that can only be obtained from the cats of the first generation and the further generations of that then the price will also decrease.

Have the ability of incredible jumps, they can jump up to 243 cm in height. Despite having the appearance like a leopard, these cats can be very friendly if You have kept and get them used to adjacent to animals or other people.

  1. Abyssinian
    Has the appearance of a very similar cat Savannah at the top. This is because their own DNA to mention that actually they are cats Savannah, but a unique pattern of cat this make cat lovers mention that they are cat, that is the Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cat itself comes from a blend of domestic cats, cat Asian Leopard, and African Cats, produce a beautiful cat that has fur resembling the Leopard.

Like cat Savannah, Abyssinian can be sold with very expensive price goes out like for example perusahaanLifestyle Pets Company. They sell the 1 tails Exotic cat rare patterned Snow Leopard for $125,000 or about 1.6 Billion Dollars. On the other hand, the average price of Abyssinian cat normal is $28.000, or about 367 Million Dollars.

  1. Abyssinian
    Abyssinia is the name of the former capital of the area we now know as Ethiopia and as You can guess, these cats get their name from their place of origin. The reason why this cat is often touted as one of the cat is the prettiest of the world is due to their appearance similar to the Egyptian Cat, which is the body supple, pointy ears, slender legs, and short fur is colored brownish-red. This cat belongs to smart so You can train a cat.

Because it has a high curiosity, one of the typical properties of these cats is they like to explore the area around them. Even so the cat the Abyssinian cat as a scaredy cat when proximity with people that are not recognized.

  1. Scottish Fold
    some of You must be able to estimate one of the characteristics of a typical cat. Not other than is on the part of their ears are folded to cause the face of this cat resembles the owl. The reason why the cat is the Scottish Fold has ears that fold down is actually due to gene mutation. At first the kitten the Scottish Fold has ears that are straight but over their lifespan increases and then the ears start to fold down.

These cats have a long life prettylong i.e. up to 15 years. Another reason why this cat is quite popular is because their voices are smooth and vary where You can't find it on the cats.

  1. Turkish Angora
    Cat Turkish Angora is a cat breed Turkey is the oldest in the world yet their beauty still survive to modern. According to history, this cat has been there since the 16th century. The name of this cat comes from the regions of their origin, namely the central Part of Turkey, the region of Angora.

Appeal of this cat is the color of their fur is very white and it was all caused by a gene mutation, that is exactly the mutation of the gene W. Interestingly, the color of the cat's eye is said to determine their listeners. If there is one color cat's eye is blue then it means the hearing in the eyes of the deaf there are even cases where both eyes they are blue which signifies the permanent deafness in both ears. Even so, there are cases where the mixture between the green and blue have good hearing.

  1. American Short Hair
    Said to originate from European countries and brought to America by immigrants. Cat care is also not too difficult because You do not need to think about the issue of fur to be Your razor. In addition, the American Short the Day is also quite smart and quiet so it is suitable for family members such as babies or dogs cause they are one of the options pet cat most popular in America.

Have a long life of remarkable old age, this cat can reach 15-20 years.

  1. Maine Coon
    Is one of the cat breeds is the oldest which originated from North America and is known by another name: the American Longhair. The physique of this cat included as one of the largest cat in the world with the size of the weight can reach 13 pounds. The Maine Coon reach adulthood when she is 3 - 4 years.

The Maine Coon is included as one of the cat-friendly because cats can socialize with better to family even other animals such as dogs. The behavior of this cat sometimes looks like a dog andthey will follow You from one room to the other, to play, and can be trained. Fleece lining they have the ability to be water resistant, so this cat as cats are resistant to cold air.

  1. Cat Persian
    It is believed that the name of this cat that Persian is derived from the country of origin of the cat is the Persian. Because their personality is quiet and reserved, Persian is a race that is very popular as a pet.
    Unfortunately although they are very popular, care the cat one is quite difficult, especially because of the thick fur. To get a beauty cat fur Persian the most good, then at least You have to shave and bathe this cat every day. Cat persian has 80 kinds of colors and have the color of the eyes also varies like dark blue, blue-greenish or brown.
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