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Raising a child in modern times this is not an easy thing. In the middle of the swift currents of modernization and the spirit of emancipation, the mother must be smart to keep and educate her children..

Well the women pidie is one example of the amazing woman, while keeping the children took time to make apam for her husband returning from the garden or work. in this picture to keep the child just a symbol of course as a complement to explain that the woman pidie not only good at making apam but it's smart to keep the child.

to know the apam is the typical snacks kabupaten pidie Confectionary made from a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk is only served at certain times by the people of pidie. One of them is in the month of Ra'jab so months Ra'jab also known by the buleun Apam in the Almanac Aceh.

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