Brave browser: The preview

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Good day Steemians,

This is @blessedman939 again with the review of an interesting and effective browser named Brave.

Brave browser is a very fast browser which allows you to download and view files at amazing speed with high quality images .

Also this browser gives you the opportunity to maintain your privacy which is big issue for consumers in this present age.Your intimate data are well secured and you can change and alter settings on Brave browser to suit your needs.

Brave has a reward section through which users can support a particular websites by sending tips using BAT as a medium of exchange. You can make this a monthly process while three different amounts can be sent.dxvwwfloph.png

There are still more goodies to be seen on the Brave browser ,I recommend it for you and you can download it here

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So good to see brave coming on RH. Wonderful browser. Been using it since.

Wow! Brave on RH, it's good

This is cool

Sounds interesting. I'll try it out.

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i will check it out

Nice am downloading it now

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Love the brave app, privacy topnotch