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A wonderful morning to all great Steemians,its @blessedman939 again with another review of DApps, games, applications and lots more

Nestree is a blockchain based social-media application which aims to unite crypto currency enthusiast from different parts of the world. This application operates on the premise of building homogeneous communities with members coming from different backgrounds.unieoh3x4t.png

It is essentially a community based blockchain messenger with an added advantage of earning crypto currency such as NP which can be converted to EGG and subsequent conversion to Bitcoin and other alt coins.

The most amazing thing about Nestree is the user interface which I like very much. It is simple, clear, precise and gives you that overall feeling of the being assured.


I recommend this application to anyone who wants to build a viable community on the blockchain.

You can download the application here

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Nice review, I love using the messaging app

Am already a member of this platform and I found it useful


Am already a
Member of this platform and
I found it useful

                 - tfame3865

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Its a cool app, I'm on it too

This app is really awesome. I'm enjoying it already. I encourage others to join.

well detailed review man
thumbs up