My 2nd Art Video In Youtube :Doodle of a Woman's Face

3년 전

Hey there steemians all over the world. It's been a while since my last doodle and I missed doing so. But now, it's far different from the past which is I am going to take a photo of the step-by-step process of the drawing. Now, I made a video of it which you can watch on the link below. youtube channel .

I hope you find it fun and I ask for your support to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Since I am new to youtube, it would be a great privilege to have you my co- steemians as my supporters.

Here is the photo of my final output.



My goal for this week is to at least have a 100 youtube subscriber. If it's possible to reach that goal, then I will try to do my art weekly not only for youtube but surely for steemit.

Thank you guys.🤗😙😙😙

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