Let not mock anyone's good effort..(A good listener is one who understands and corrects deficiencies in his own way.)

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Hello friends!
We cannot be perfect in every subject area. In some areas we have more grip while in some areas we are amateur. We are referring to some things related to steemit blockchain. Saying only means that we should not say someone's post is ugly or qualityless.
Maybe you are backward in the subject area in which he specializes. Everyone tries to do better on their behalf, no one wants our post to be ugly and people should comment on it. All people try to give their best.

Yes, it is another thing that some people have different mother tongue. Everyone has more grip in their mother tongue. Because of which some people's posts become good. But we should not ignore the posts of those people who are trying to do something good in the language field despite their mother tongue.
Such people should not discourage us but should encourage them that you are trying to do so well despite being linguistic. For example, you speak the Korean language well, on the contrary the next person speaks the Spanish language well.
So your language will be a bit difficult for him. The same situation also applies for you, if they cannot speak your language well then you also cannot speak their language well. Some people are trying to do well despite limited resources. We should raise their morale and not break it.
A good speaker and listener is the one who sees those things in his own way, understands them. Wherever there are errors, by correcting them, we try to understand and get better, to find out the shortcomings.
If you believe in God, then of course it is paramount for you, but sometimes you even call him good and bad in fret. This is to say that there are deficiencies in all, no person can be perfect. We should remain as God has sent us and we should do our work accordingly.
High and low discrimination are all man-made hypocrites. There is no greater good, no more evil. Yes, I believe that talent is inherent in some people, but the five fingers of hands cannot be equal. There is definitely a difference in everything. In the same way, not all people can have the same qualities in all people.
Some people adapt themselves quickly according to the circumstances, some people take a little time. Wrong is when we are not ready to change ourselves according to the circumstances.

__be-good ___get _____good__Lord__is-very- kind--

____keep-on your best___________
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