Satisfaction; fundamental necessity

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Feed cloth and house are the basic necessities of life. The person dedicates his whole life to fulfill the needs, yet the need is never fulfilled. Ever wondered why this happens? In fact, the appetite of a man's stomach ends but the appetite of desires never ends, due to which the whole life is troubled.
Man's desires are infinite and he is always surrounded by the desires of these desires. She does not get satisfaction with the resources she has. Rather, what other people are doing, they are more upset than these things.
Attempts to equate them. When he forgets that all people have brought their different fate and according to him they have to live.
We have to manage our methods of living according to our resources. If we try to get out of it, we definitely have to face difficulties.
Of course, a successful person uses those resources in the most successful way that they are present.Such people never say anything that they lacked such a thing.

They believe in their hard work more than luck, due to which the big trouble comes out by bowing in front of them. Such people make their biggest weakness their biggest weapon.If you are committed to doing something in life, then learn to accept challenges.
Determine your goal according to whatever resources are available. Surely you will feel soulfulness and satisfaction
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