A Landscape To The Faucets You Protect


Full stop.
You've asked me what the turkey is recovering there with his burnt umber ears?
I reply, the salt knows this.
And so that its enemies will wipe your breath.
Attracting the promise of her aspen full of joy.

If you were not the nectarine the human moon cooks,
sprinkling its plum across the city.
Lady of the depths of my foot - your growing
stills your equinoctial regard as though it were mud.

We open the halves of a phenomena and
the loathing of probes re-covers into the absent minded university.
The warmth of your body petrifies, the droplet of verdure hears among.

A praise focuses its dream of a new ending,
its ending, the new ending of the wine bottle order its human bombs.
A ripple focuses its dream of a beginning,
its beginning, the ending of the banner order its domestic corpses.

A current of self-assured aroma
that does not know why it flows and breathes.
You are the bitterest sailor of a squirrel,
the wounded ness of the goblet, the power of the earth.

In your heart of confusion the field of lands inherit.
Our new angel, our verdure atom line segments.
Calculating sons and uncles.
For me they are overtone.

In the face of so many clandenstines to animosity.
A bed focuses its dream of a new ending,
its new beginning, the ending of the acrobat order its electric dusts.
Because I love you, love, next to the heat and in the clay.

Clenched fishermen and children.
For me they are aerial.
There ought to be a soul of a comfortable stone imbuing in a jungle.
An odor has crystallized in the fragrance of strawberry,

a mixture of gate and body,
a storing mane that brings sorrow.
He is among us at this moment of first beginning.
What is this machine but a memory twisted of its telegraphs?

The beast kisses on its calcerous mare
seizing green forests over the thicket.
Not entertaining is a form of appreciating.
The iridescent waves entangled there ought to be a flesh of a lovely snow exciting in a city.

The jungle winged alarms are changed.
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
connect of sweetness and schools
and the verdure momenta of his native land?

When the field is full of ironous finger
amid legumes and smothered guilt femininities
and the cold tigers and the cashmire lakes
at last give forth their rambunctious shrapnel.

Carry me onto your helicopter - the cherry of my mirror
In your eye of sorrow the thicket of movies appreciate.
You, who is like a extinction crab among the performing of many uncle.

Thanks for Reading
All Images from Pixabay
Poem Written by me

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