Testing new eSteem Mobile 2

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This is my first post ever done using only mobile client eSteem Mobile 2.1 which I am working at as a part of eSteem team. My job here is to create and tweak user interface so the app would look nicely and handy to use.

I would be glad if you guys who really read that post could use eSteem Mobile 2 on your phones and let me know any visual stuff you don't like or want to change so we can make it better together.


As you can see this client supports drafts and schedules so you can start to write something on your desktop (Mac or PC, Windows or Linux) using eSteem Surfer and then continue on your mobile. This is very handy.



Sorry, I was just testing selfie. Wanted to know if the app will crash on it or not. But it seems stable for me. The only thing as you can see, photo is rotated. I am not sure if this is app fault or my phone feature but I'll report it to our guys as well.


I was going to show you some recent sketch of my illustration but not sure if it will be uploaded here or not. Let's see...


Yeah! It's loaded! 😎

esteem banner

My portfolio at dunsky.ru

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Thanks for checking but thorough checking is still needed.


Yes, sure. I'm testing it right now. App crashed many times unfortunately. We are investigating reasons now and trying to reproduce that bugs again and again to see where it falls.


Great! love to hear that.

Great work on the interface, @dunsky. I have some complaints about the app itself, but nothing related to the visual aspects. 😉


Thank you so much! Anyways, if you will have time to catch any bugs which we will be able to reproduce in steps it would be really appreciated. We want to fix it and make it best app.


I know the biggest bug is already being handled. 😉

Every time I commented or voted, the app crashed. But on the last hour or so, instead of crashing we see a popup with an error message. And it doesn't crash anymore.


I never caught that bug but I'm suffering from random crashes now :) hope we will fix it soon!

One more test for eSteem Mobile 2.1 client went fine!


Yeah! Seems working...


We can continue testing here

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Wow! This is my 300th post! How symbolic that I've done it via eSteem Mobile 2.1!


Well done @dunsky. See you again in 50 posts ;)

BTW, we all love your artwork!
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Esteem has the most beautiful interface, that dark mode 🤤.
Your art style is so on point.
If only we had more people sorting through the pesky bugs.
Are the drafts and scheduling also available on iOS now? I haven’t had a chance to check out the new update yet.


Thank you so much! Yes, drafts and schedules should be working in iOS version now as well!


You’re welcome.
Awesome. I’ll check it out.

I really like this application, very convenient to use. Design in general looks very cool. Dark mode is what you like the most. Thank you very much for the interesting publication. Good luck to you


Спасибо :)


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