the benefits of a date, to break the fast

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Dates are a palm plant in the genus, the fruit is edible, the fruit is sweet and the skin is crispy. Dates usually bear fruit during the month of fasting, dates are quite useful one seed we eat we already feel full. Breaking the fast with appetizers two seeds of dates very make our emptiness empty immediately feel full.
Dates in places of origin are generally unknown because they have long been cultivated, the possibility of this plant coming from the surrounding land. The tree is medium size with a height of about 15-24 m, grows singly or form a clump that on a number of stems from a root system. The leaves have a length of 3-6 m, with spines on the petiole, pinnate and has about 150 young leaf shoots. its young leaves have a length of 31 cm and a width of 3 cm. The various crowns range from 5-10 m.


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