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If you managed to deceive a person, this does not mean that he is a fool. It only means that you were trusted more than you deserve ...

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Uh, what?


Четвертый класс перехожу.


Just double checking. You wouldn't happen to be lying to me, are you?

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good app.

I have this app but never really spent much time on it. I have seen it now and now I know that the developers are serious about it. I will start using it too. I always just checked the posts etc, but never logged in with my own account. I will take it into serious account now

Esteem has been wonderful, the best platform to post with really, indeed my post pay out has changed, your interphase keeps advancing by the day, keep up the good work @good-karma

Moreover, esteem is very handy!!

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thanks for the information we are very happy to see the development of this application.👍👍👍

thanks for the information we are very happy to see the development of this application.👍👍👍

Terima kasih petunjuknya

good app

It is getting better and better. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Cool, useful post.

I wanted to download the application, but it turned out that I already have it :) why did not I use it so far :) :)) I'm glad that I saw your post :))

buenas ,aqui visitando su blog,soy venezolana y nueva en steemit,busco buenas amistades y apoyo en mis trabajos,espero me visite ,seguro que tendre en usted un buen aliado saludos y dios le bendiga por lo bueno que haga

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Good, I like esteem