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Loving this app! Thank you for all of the hardwork. Upvoted. =)

How do you know what timezone it is using for the scheduling?

Thanks your amazing tips sir.Very useful post,it will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing sir.

good-karma esteem is more stable and successful. but now it seems less upvote what's up with this project?

thanks for information. we need more support from esteem

Hey, it's great to see so many updates. We can see that you work on eSteem real hard. Did you think about joining Utopian? I believe that everyone would benefit from that. I mean that even your user base could be more engaged in leaving a feedback for you if you are interested in that.


Hey @espoem! We are using Utopian and forwarding every user there to submit feedback and/or issue reports. eSteem Mobile is accessible there and I think eSteem Surfer should also be available to submit feedback


hello @good-karma my dear friend what are you okay, i miss you very much my friend, honestly i want to meet you, not at #esteem aja we are friends, want to meet directly how ya :) 😊

This eSteem Surfer Tips is awesome

esteem update day by day..
thank you for some excellent information..@esteemapp

Thank you for this post

thank you for your tips

Thank you @esteemapp for the information

thanks for the information @esteemapp

Thanks..good information..would you like to create application that sharing photo to esteem?

Scheduling post is a great feature. Now you can easily arrange your all post on schedule and it will be posted on time.

You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

Aimfor Masi luar biasa bagus sekali

The perfect app will feature its art @esteemapp

Should add (eSteem) to tags ,? how can good-karma reward the surfer's users?

GUYS!!! Thank you so much for this generous upvote! WOAH!!!!

I love is very user friendly.i just recently discovered the ease with funds transfer on it.its a wonderful experience

i had writing this in another post, because i think you have @good-krama account to, right? i have a question for you. Thank you for spend time for that.

hi dear @good-karma. i am new here. i am happy with you for many followers. thank you for Posts. i will this later to study. but I have another question, is it ok to ask the question?you are doing something right that you have so many followers, right? what do you do, i want to learn? thanks dear @good-karma

Thanks for all the information @esteemapp and I also have @good-karma as my witness always use apk #eSteem

Yess, that give us a solution about make a post everyday. Thank @estemapp. With you, we will be whale, next time

Good tips. thank you for share

Thanks a lot dear.... its really good for steemian's ❤️️❤️️@esteemapp

Postingan yang sngat berguna @esteemapp

Thank you @good-karma, all the features you serve in esteem help me in managing my account, thanks again.

How to add account can be in surfer.....

  ·  4년 전

I really love this app, with hard work esteemapp will always succeed, thanks all

Sudah lama saya tidak.melihat anda dalam postingan, apa anda telah memuang saya?.


god job tank's

It is quite mind blowing apps. Hope it would be helpful. I loved and upvote to you. Thanks for sharing ..

Very helpful

this app is getting cool, always improve the changes, we support you...


Thanks for using eSteem. Join us on eSteem Discord & do read rule channel!

buenas amigo aqui visitando su post, espero continue los exitos, soy venezolano, espero contar con su apoyo visitando mis pots,le sabre agradecer gracias y dios le bendiga

Thank you for the information. steemit for a while is the best Good luck always

I am watching this post on the new esteem app! I really love the new design and everything is so seamless, good job!

Thanks! upvoted !

This good post, thank for information

hey @good-karma and @esteemapp please dont mind.I am regular use your esteem app and use your tag.please if you want please vote my posts.

Love this app!
Thank you for all of the hard work creating this app :)

Thanks to the @good-karma for your information, I am your followers, and the esteem teging is always a way to make me grow up in playing steemit.

  ·  4년 전

eSteem Surfer is awesome - I discovered it two days ago and I'm already using it full-time! I even wrote a post yesterday presenting my view of the app - a little review of the app ;)

Thanks so much for the tips you posted. Their very helpful to further our knowledge on the intricacies of #steemit. More power to you!!Photo_1527672762120.png

Very good apps friends.

I noticed when I had scheduled a post and decided to review it, the app gives me the option to move the scheduled post into the draft page but that doesn't overwrite the scheduled post. I think that's confusing.

Helpful hints great post
Good fortune