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Very nice! The only thing I miss is a night mode or is it me who is minor technical?


Click on top right side icon day/night mode, it is already there.

Congratulations! It's simple and clean, but doesn't feel dated like Steemit.


Thank you! As we mentioned, we plan on bringing whole Surfer (eSteem desktop application) experience to Webapp, so stay tuned! 😉


Agree they make it so unique!

This is a big step for the community and I am glad to see the first iteration brought to life. I am using mostly the Surfer so probably it will be an easy transition for me which I am focused on usability and productivity.
Great success and keep new iterations to come alive!


Will do, thanks for support!

This is really a killer app on Steem Blockchain. Well done, @good-karma.


Thanks, appreciate the support!

Works great, well done guys



Thanks so much for your programs. I like. Developers and project workers well done. Keep it up.

Whooohooo! My Chromebook is going to be loving this! Thank you! 💕


Functionality is limited still but we will do our best to bring all surfer experience to web users. 😉


Yeah, the sign-in screen doesn't let me in on my Chromebook. But no worries. I have been waiting for this and will continue to be patient!

Looks good, works smoothly. Respect!

not so good illustration btw...i could do better uwu :)


I am not the author of the illustration, but what is wrong with it?
I understand that you could do better, but you say "not so good".
This is why I am asking this question.
I do not say that I disagree with you. Actually, I am agree with you.
Out of context, I think that the illustration is funny and similar to a cover of a Sims video game, but the people on the illustration should not use smartphones and tablets, because the mobile application is already available. I think that laptops or PCs would be more fit for the illustration.


let's see :)

Is it just me, or both the eSteem web application and the eSteem Surfer desktop application are slow nowadays?

"Note that this release is read-only version of Surfer, meaning you can read posts, check profiles, etc. Next steps will be adding more and more features on top allowing everyone to perform operations."
With the rest of the features (posting, commenting, upvoting, resteeming, etc.), this will really be a killer app on the Steem blockchain. Especially when we will be able to collect and use eSteem Points (ESTM) on the web application.
By the way, I approved the XSteem proposal. Congratulations on your works! Keep up the good work!

Just downloaded this for iOS. Very nice!!


Great, let us know if you have some feedback or suggestions to improve some features 😉

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.28.15 PM.png

It is magnanimous web app @esteemapp @good-karma very good for a greater user experience. :D


Thanks! 😉

Wow, that will be awesome. I hope you remove the 5 Tag Maximum limit across every platform, as that is really hindering us a bit. I usually use 10 to 12 tags when I post through other sites.


We have increased tags to 7 in mobile app, surfer update comes with same change this Thursday.

  ·  2년 전


On-boarding outreach, referral system

eagerly waiting for this :)

Thanks you verry much esteemapp. I like it

Congratulation.It is a very good initiative and improvement by @esteem .Best wishes for you guys.Currently i am using Android Esteem apps.

..congrats!..looks cool, fresh..will check it out..up..

Congratulations guys! @tipu curate 3

  ·  2년 전

Upvoted 👌


Thanks! 😉

Interesante el articulo gente un apoyo porfa

Great, it will be awesome to have the opportunity to use esteem directly from the browser... I mostly use it on my phone and on my laptop, so I'm eagerly waiting for the next surfer update😊


Release day for Surfer update is scheduled on Thursday!

Thanks for the post.

Good Job

Posted using Partiko Android

It looks amazing

I thought this was a new Sims game at first glace :D

Great improvement in the app utilities.
Support from the steem community is apparently growing day after day.


Thanks for the post.

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