eSteem website improvements, Social sharing, SEO, Search

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eSteemed friends,

We have pushed eSteem Web updates for the last few days. Changes include tag randomization, social sharing buttons, SEO optimizations, eSteem Search integration and other navigation fixes along with RSS feeds which we announced a week ago.



We have extended tag list so that it shuffles them on each refresh, encouraging visitor to dig deeper into different topics.


Social quick sharing

Each post has social sharing buttons now, you can share your posts quickly to other networks increasing exposure to your blog posts.


Integration of eSteem search

Integration of our own Search engine is a must thing to do, give visitors an option to surf within website. This goes along with having custom search bar on Google Search.


SEO optimizations

We spent a lot of time to follow best practices so that Google Search engine can crawl our pages effectively with proper canonical links, page details, sitelinks, searchbox, etc. We hope to see results of this in coming weeks as it takes some time for Google to index our pages. We hope Steemit will revert back to give proper canonical URL for each post and hope that other frontend will follow as well, for the benefit of Steem. We hope to get similar search field like the one below once majority of pages are crawled and indexed.


More navigation improvements

Overall we have improved navigation, page load speed, better resource management and so on. We will keep you posted once new updates are rolled out.

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Can I use the points for votes on comments? Can’t seem to find info on that.


Hi, not yet, but we are thinking to enable that soon with new release of apps where we introduce some ground changes which will encourage commenting more.

It's nice to see how esteem evolves!

Great job dear esteem team. I am now using only esteem rather other apps for watching, posting, commenting, sharing etc.

Social share button is very useful updates to me. Thanks for all the updated.

Go ahead esteem with steem.

I have reviewed esteem earlier. Now i shall try to make another review on these updates.

But, now do not forget to reblog. Thanks again.

Congratulations @esteemapp!
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What a great idea, hope this works out as planned. Will give it a try!

Wow, this app very awesome today I have downloaded. My experience very awesome with this app. Thanks for awesome app development.
Everyone can download and enjoy eSteem mobile app. Thanks eSteem team.

It is great.

I am building a p2p help center for the apprentices of the vocational training center of Vulbens, France. I recommend to use esteem to ask questions.
Hopefully, the community will answer the questions of the apprentices.

It is great to see all these improvements! Thanks so much for mentioning my contest. I hope everyone goes and writes a review and if they let me know I will send send them some ESTM!

Looking good. Looking very good.

When I minimize my eSteem app on Android and then try to re-open it, it freezes and at the beginning and never asks for my PIN or Login.

The only way to get around this is to completely close the app and re-open it from scratch.

Can you fix this @good-karma?

I think a lot of people are suffering from this and I consider this a major bug since it probably affects almost everyone using the app.

Posted using Partiko Android


This happens to me as well. In the interim I keep a Google/eSteem tab open on my android at all times to easily click over to reopen the app.

Love Esteem!

I welcome this upgrade. 👍

Posted using Partiko iOS

Esteem is what esteem points ?

Resteemed :-)

i like the social sharing button it will make sharing not only the content but esteem itself to different social media platforms. shared what i wrote today on my twitter account. more power to esteem! 😊👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Excellent improvements and moves.
Thank you for mention.😀


Thank you for your contest, if you do next time let us know we can sponsor with some ESTM to help spread love to participants 😉


Sure. I will inform you.

Excellent enhancements! eSteem continues to grow and expand into the future!💯

Always getting better! 💪

Nice update, now the search feature will be amazing.


Good improvements, but the biggest update is still yet to come. I mean the possibility of logging in on the web application, and to upvote posts and comments, and resteem posts, write posts and comments, claim rewards and so on. So, to become full featured. All the features that the eSteem app (and other dApps on the Steem blockchain) has.


All will come in due course of time 😉

I love esteemapp

Great work, and thank you for having a Linux version!

Verry good esteem i always tag @esteemapp to every my post

This is great

This is awesome!❤️

Best esteem

Wow thanks for this updates

Thanks esteem aplikation

I love @esteemapp always. And everyday like to post by using it..thanks for create amazing app for us

You had woked and that s see. Keep good work.

Nice uptades

Thanks essteem app

I use Esteem for a long time and I really see how it constantly changes in a better way! Great job and a lot of thanks!