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It is an emerging technology that will continue to see big players enter the market. A blockchain phone is one of the things that we'll see along the way and the esteem app is clearly going to position itself well, especially with it's good cement within SteemIt.

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We see soon how this all works 😋👌 it makes me happy to see new things.

Good to see the coming of major player like Samsung. It will follow by opera in the context of blockchain. But the concept of blockchain technology is not so much familier to mass people. So Being major player, it will not be so easy for them to adopt. Adoptation in this new technology will need time and consistant effort and marketing whether it is google, fb, apple or samsung.

In this context, @esteem has gained a lot of adoptation so far with the bondage of @steem.
And improving and increasing with updates.
Esteem will grow faster and faster due to its feature and technique of supporting. Big players can play the vital roles in awaring mass people more, i think

I think this is a good idea but Samsung is not the only company creating a blockchain phone. There are a handful of them, PundiX being my pick.


I agree, Samsung was one example, how tech leads are adopting and helping innovation be adopted. We can learn from them how to listen users and collaborate

It is a very good initiative.Hope that @esteemapp will also start somthing great as like samsung did.

how can I undelegate my account please?


You can try eSteem Surfer for undelegation, on mobile app, we don't have that functionality yet, we are working on adding this soon.

Highly rEsteemed!

I appreciate your support and great work 👌
I have resteem and upvoted with 100% power 👍
Thanks for your love 😍