Skin Care Tips Lisa 'Blackpink'

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One member of Blackpink, Lisa, recently lined up to be a cover model for Japanese fashion magazine, Nylon. With the theme 'Universe', he displays a different side of himself with on stage.
This 21-year-old woman appeared with different fashion and makeup in 20 pages. On the occasion, Lisa also discussed about skin care tips that she always did.
Launched Herald Pop, Lisa says she always uses facial moisturizer when going to bed. He also uses facial massagers so that the moisturizer he uses penetrates deep into the deepest skin layers.
"After washing your face, it's the best time to use a facial masseuse.Using moisturizer before bedtime is a must do I always do," said maknae (youngest member) Blackpink this.
This routine is always done because he has a dry face. In addition, he also uses a lot of cream-shaped skincare products. According to him skincare with such forms make his skin softer and moist in the morning.
In addition to skin care tips, he also discusses some makeup tips. He recommends red and orange lipstick for use during the summer.
This idol from Thailand claims mascara is the most important makeup product for him. In everyday life he always uses thin mascara when want to move outside the room.
Lisa also said he was a member of Blackpink who most understand about makeup products. Her love of makeup led her to learn good makeup techniques from her makeup artists.

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