Freewrite Day 689 The Pulse of Crypto Poetry Reading. Minnows, and Contests

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I’m getting ready to enter a contest dreamed up during a “random and crazy conversation” that apparently goes on in discord between the bigs. Maybe this solves the mystery of why we rarely see posts from most of them.

Out of this event came a post by @whatsup wanting to see media for a slogan about NewSTEEM.

Steem, the Pulse of Crypto!

Then to clear up misconceptions about what this slogan is NOT about on the call for entries post (with a payout of $44 on it):

not earning, not your voice is worth something.

We got it - $44 dollar payouts are not to be expected. We already know this down here.

@Justineh prefers the slogan of: "The Bridge to Crypto"

Let's stop talking about Steem being a place to post and earn. Let's start talking about a place to post and learn!

Well, who would be teaching that class, I wonder?

I have enough on my hands just trying to get new fish to figure out how to post on STEEM at all.

The post goes on to say:

that doesn't mean all steem topics need to be crypto-related.
Thank God for that, since few are. New content creators come in to STEEM with many topics and most are not crypto-related. The barrel of crypto-nerds has already been mined.

"Be a co-owner in Steem" says @fredrikaa

I guess that means you should not come here without money of your own.

”The Crossroads of Crypto”

is a better slogan according to @gniksivart in his contest entry that does not have any media in it at all except for a stolen and non-sourced partial map of Texas.

@whatsup does not care that the contest rules were not followed or that the media was stolen and says:

Great Entry and very well thought out! I like it. We all need to think about what we want to say and who we want to present it to.

Ummm… Do these bigs think they will try recruiting next? Yikes.

The contest asks us to:

Make a post, create a graphic, sing a song

So we can get more little people in here to kill.

I’m doing some some posters in my normal style, and will enter in the next 24 hours. This post is just to clear my head.

As I rebooted my computer tonight, the newest post by @whatsup showed up on my feed. This one has an $11 reward for wondering:

Where are the contest entries? None have yet appeared!!!

Shocking. I know.

This is because the fork just killed at least 40% of the little people we had. Some of those money grubbing losers were very distraught when their 30 cent payouts dropped to 10 cents and their 1 cent vote dropped back to zero again.

I have had my own conversations on Discord (not random) nd I cannot convince them to keep trying.

My last post today already talked about the ghost town we have now. None of the big guys are dead, so they do not know how many of the littles are now gone. STEEM all looks the same to them. All of their friends are still here nd NOW making even more money. (WooHoo!).

The littles who remain are doing what they do and not looking for new contests to enter. And the bigs in @whatsup’s circle do not enter contests at all. So this contest is going out to an empty room the bigs do not even realize they just cleared.

I’m a believer in the fork asyou can also read in my last post. I like what I see happening.

But we have a HUGE crises now, and going out to recruit new victims is not a good plan. Saving the few gasping fish at the bottom of the pool is what we need to focus on. Not getting fresh meat.

Stay tuned for my contest entry for The Pulse of Crypto coming soon on one of my next posts. There are only 2 more days if you want to enter too.

If I even get 1 STEEM out of the 100 STEEM on on offer, I will be happy since rent is due next Monday.

I am one of the people here who DOES make my living off of STEEM. Why the bigs think this should not be a goal is still not something I understand.

My post is for the #freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest. Today's prompt is "Poetry Reading." I may have gone off track.

Freewrite is a great way to post on STEEM when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. It’s a great way to start regular posting, and I know you can do this too! Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.


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Well aren't you glad you got that off your chest. :)

If something I voted for is plagiarized feel free to let me know.

By the way, the stats have returned to pre hardfork levels, which were already down, but it's untrue that the place is dead or killed. :)


Please read my prior post today about no one entering contests, @whatsup.

Then see this weekly round up. The drop offs you see are the dead minnow/redfish blogs. The reason is does not show up in the money is that they made so little of it in the first place.

I just did let you know of the unsourced map.


It's a google map. He states it is a google map.

Perhaps read the definition of plagiarism. Which means to try to pass off something you didn't create as your own.

"As you can see from the google maps image Victoria, Texas is about 2 hours away from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, Texas, all large cities in Texas."

The Author's quote from the post above.


You are supposed to source your maps per guidelines in @qurator. It is not plagiarism. It is theft without the source link. I realize people do this all the time. However - it is not a contest entry regardless.


I don't follow Quarator's guidelines and the picture is not "stolen". As there are several entries, so I am not sure if you are just wrong or purposefully spreading misinformation.

The blockchain activity is back to pre-fork levels and the blockchain is still adjusting.

I'm not interested in paying your rent. I have my own bills. I am interested in supporting those who contribute to Steem, but I feel no obligation to rent, travel and trips to steemfest.


Haha! I guess my posters will not win then. I will still enter. STEEM is going to pay my rent this month like it has since Dec 2017. Your upvotes can go to people you like better, @whatsup. It's ok - you do not hurt my feelings :)

If you do not believe many small accounts have left, you are not alone. I have had this conversation with many of you bigs this week. You can only see the money - not the people who use to make 50 cents or less per post.


Every trackable stat is listed ... they have ALL reached pre-fork levels.

I do know we have lost small accounts if you count the last year.

I'm very concerned about the community. I vote many small accounts, proof is in the blockchain.

Have a great day.

Your post was misleading and inaccurate.


This shows the drop off plainly, @whatsup. Yes, we have lost small accounts all year. Our 95% kill rate is easy to see on @arcange's reports too.

But the last two weeks have seen major carnage for small accounts even as the big accounts grew stronger and $20 posts bumped up to $35. Go you! It's very inspiring for little people to see.

I agree with what has happened to the Littles. I had started to feel like I was a Medium until the fork, now I feel like I have been rounded up and put into a ghetto where my money doesn't buy as much as it would on the outside and there is no way out. I can't even help out fellow Littles, because my 100% upvote is worthless to them. To a Big, my 100% upvote is worth four times as much. Nice move Bigs, very self-serving of you.

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