Bangkok Thailand Clouds at Sunset for TAKE A PIC

11개월 전


I called the photo above "Pink Fire" when I first saw it. I caught this sunset cloud off my balcony in Bangkok. This photo is not processed, and shows a color I never expected to see in the sky.

All of the photos from this post are taken from the same spot, and with the same cheap Canon Point and Shoot Camera. Gawking at the sky off my balcony was a hobby when I lived there, and never disappointed.


I had a 180 degree view of the sky and it was very entertaining. Bangkok has wonderful light, though it is sadly caused by pollution. Add the moisture sweeping up from the Bay of Bangkok, and there is quite a show most nights.



The many different colors of the sunsets impressed me and were strong enough to get strange light into my room and draw me outside.


Threatening clouds might overtake blue skies.


This photo caught the sun when it was lower than the clouds.


And just at the very last minute of light, a lovely navy blue appears.


My post today is for the Take a Pic Contest by @olivia08 for CCC. This week Olivia wants to see clouds. I could publish 100 posts and not run out of material :)

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