Can mashed potatoes be part of a healthy diet?

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Potatoes are one of the "most sprayed" foods in the us, and if you are not getting organic, you should not be eating them.

Potatoes have been on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen List for as long as I have been watching it. This list gives you the top sprayed foods. They are ealso publish a "Clean 15" list of the least sprayed foods. You should get the most sprayed foods in the organic version and the least sprayed can safely be purchased(?) not organic.

Potatoes used to be at the top of the Dirty Dozen list, but now are lower as other good fruits and veggies get more spraying too. It is not that potatoes are better. It is that the other foods are worse.

Potatoes are mostly eaten as the non-organic white variety in the US. They are the "most eaten" veggie in the states and mostly eaten as French fries. No, you should not eat fast food French fries as part of a healthy diet.

But this post is about mashed potatoes which are another story and can be awesome.

Your grocery store is selling organic potates in many varieties and these are on sale, especially in fall and winter. Buy some, mash them up and feel free to enjoy.

If I was going to eat mashed potatoes, I would be having lots of organic butter and maybe sour cream too. I actually prefer potatoes baked, but I would still be piling on the yummy toppings. If I could find bacon, it would be there as well.

I lost weight and got healthy when I stopped counting calories and started counting nutrition and poison. My mantra is:

  • Eat more nutrition
  • Eat less crap

This worked to let me lose "half my size" and never have trouble with my weight again.

Meanwhile all of America eats poison French Fries a few times a week and wonders why 80% of them are sick and fat.

My photo for this post is of some steamed sweet potatoes and steamed pumpkin you can get off the street in Bangkok Thailand for 60 cents usd. Nothing is better than this. I can eat them as is warm, or cut them up for salad or soup later. I wish I had some right now!

Note: Sweet potatoes should also be purchased organic :)

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Now a days, I would say, it's just hard to tell wether the veggies or fruits we buy are 100% organic,there's a lot of factors to consider if it's really organic or not.

I love mashed potatoes, and I also love fast food French fries, I order it few times a month. Hehe

The other day I made sweet potato tortillas and they're really good, I'll make it again will share the recipe and will post it on my recipe blog @myrecipes, I'd love it you could join me there too! 😊

Following this account now!😘

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@fitinfun It is a shame the government allows spraying of food. we grow our own and never spray.


Lucky you to be able to do that, @myjob. Cheaper and better tasting too :)

Up until the past two years, we grew our own potatoes. Then my husband needed surgery, and the garden became my responsibility alone, so I had to downsize. I do miss homegrown potatoes and green beans, both of which I had to eliminate. But I did get plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash!

An upvote for you. Thanks for being a member.

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Sprayed potatoes? I had to look this up: Chlorpropham (or CIPC) is isopropyl-N-(3-chlorophenyl) carbamate, and is widely used as a sprout suppressing agrochemical applied to stored potatoes. Either it doesn't work, or I've been buying un-sprayed, because my store potatoes stored in a cool, dry place almost ALWAYS sprout within a week or so. Thank you for another informative post, @fitinfun!


Potatoes are sprayed something like 15 times throughout the growing cycle. Pretty much everything you get in a traditional grocery has been sprayed - organic or not, @carolkean. But the less spray the better. Interesting that yours are sprouting. There are YT videos with people showing they will not sprout. Such a mess in the food supply these days. Just do the best you can :)