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These shots are all of some delicious cheese roti I got at Restoran Mydina in my local Kuala Lumpur Malaysia neighborhood for a @tasteem restaurant review. I'm posting them now to the Sunday contest for worldsdailyfood where "anything goes" so my post today qualifies.

My @fitinfunfood blog has been going nuts for tasteem posting and getting all kinds of good results. But one of those results in a new found cheese roti addiction, which is not really for the best.

This food is everything is should not be eating for my arthritis symptoms and well as for keeping my weight in check. But I do not care! This is so delicious and I am ordering it and eating it all over town now.

In the case of this particular tasteem contest, the subject was drinks, and I still do not care! I got the roti with my coffee anyway and I only barely regret it.

Roti is a bit like a croissant in texture and greasiness and cheese is my first love in food since childhood. I can almost never find any good cheese in SE Asia, but somehow roti makers have a secret of finding excellent tasting cheese and sell it to me cheap. And it is wrapped in greasy pastry! Yum yum yum!

What follows are thee shots of the roti, both unproccessed and then secondly processed in Canva, so I can take a look and see if my processing is worth the effort. Only one of these was used for tasteem since the post was supposed to be about drinks!!!

unprocessed 1

processed 1

unprocessed 2

processed 2

unprocessed portrait shot

processed portrait shot
Restoran Mydina tasteem fitinfunfood.jpg

I won't be able to tell the difference until I post, and then I will take a look. But so far, what I have seen makes me hungry for more roti, and at 3 am here, I just might be going out after I post this to get more.

I can throw a rock and hit 10 places that make cheese roti 24 hours a day as soon as I step off my condo property. It costs much less than $1 usd! What a wonderful world I have fallen into :)

This post is my entry for the worldsdailyfood contest by @worldsdailyfood and sponsored by @travelsbyblue.

I'm entering the Sunday Contest where the theme is "Anything Goes!" The contest is open until the post closes, so give it a try!

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for these photos.

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Roti is so versatile, you mention eating with cheese the sauce alongside looks simply delicious Sharon.

Sounds like you have settled down well in KL and enjoying the city now.