Do you need to eat something just because it is there?

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A few years before I lost weight, someone's dad came to a birthday party I held for my son. I had not thought of this man as fat before, but now he was very thin. He looked great and told me he had found the diet that worked for him. He was happy at his new weight and was not going back.

Later when we cut the cake, this man refused a piece. I said, "Surely you can have a few treats on your new diet." He told me he did not like cake enough to eat it. If he was going to splurge it would be on something he really wanted to eat.

This was a revelation to me. I thought you had to eat birthday cake at a party. Isn't this how it is done? Now that I am thin too, I am on this guy's team. No - I do not need to eat something just because it is there. I am not a cake eater either unless it is chocolate, and so refuse it myself these days.

This brings me to "sesame sticks", the words in our freewrite prompt by @mariannewest today. I had to look them up and found them to be these yucky things:

sesame sticks.PNG


Dry, hard and tasteless. Who likes these snacks? If they come in a mix, I am picking them out and did not eat them when I was fat either. I sure would never buy a pack of them at any price.

As I think of it, I like nothing sesame except tahini sauce which goes into hummus. I will not eat it on its own. I do not want sesame seeds on my bun, and I do not like the taste of the oil.

If I am going to have a snack, I want those in the top photo on my post. These are in a local restaurant/bakery, and only available at Chinese New Year's, which is almost here. I got to try samples, and they were delicious! Light, fragrant, flavorful, and with very unique tastes. The only trouble is their very high cost, so samples will be all I get this year.

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Mindless Eating

is what we Americans do best - and an American pushed the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now Dr. Oz is on the bandwagon refuting that one. Thanks for this post - peer pressure and obligatory consumption may have clogged a lot of arteries!


Just to how how easily we are misinformed and misled, and scientists for decades told us to start the day with breakfast:

How lobbyists made breakfast 'the most important meal of the day'

It was a combination of fear of indigestion, religious moralization and advertising that helped push the idea of breakfast as the most important meal of the day - but it was a campaign to sell more bacon that really solidified the idea.

"As for those who claim they ARE hungry first thing in the AM ... Dr. Oz says you're mistaken -- it's actually just withdrawals because you're a food junkie."


I think worldwide they pushed breakfast is important. We never have breakfast it is too much.
I believe the pushing is a leftover behavior from how we ate raised by those who survived the war, were really hungry.

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The war, and the Great Depression.... I experienced none of it firsthand, but my grandparents did, so my parents got indoctrinated, and I got it full-blast, but finally, fourth generation, my offspring resisted. Wait until the shortages hit!


@carolkean Will the shortages hit us? If so.I hope the fatties and high consumers first. I am.still shocked if I see what we looked like in the 60 and 70-s. Look at those old commercials.

How is your weight lost doing? You do not like to join #hasil2020?

Happy day ❤️


Um, no, I didn't joint #hail2020, not after seeing all the numbers and stats to keep track of -:)
A food shortage could be a good thing, if it affected only those who need to lose weight. Most Americans are overfed, but we have food scarcity here too. #FoodInsecure.


@carolkean What numbers or stats? If you set one target like growing SP you only need to keep an eye on that. Enjoy your day. ❤️


I saw numbers... that's all I remember right now.
I'll persist. And I'll get my dust vote up from that worthless one cent!


@carolkean Great. The one cent is not worthless if everyone gave us one cent....Good luck. 💕

I only eat when I am hungry and it is something that I like, and it definitely wouldn't be sesame sticks. Enjoy your Chinese New Year snacks. : )

Resident cat here, wishing you well. Here is today's new prompt:

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The ones on top do look delicious!

We eat because the host forces it upon us and makes us feel guilty and ungrateful if we do not.

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I did for many years. It was forced upon my throat literally by my parents and granny because of the poor children in Biafra who had nothing to eat, next to it came the "it's impolite to refuse" or "how come you are always refusing, do not take part of the party" (same like you do in this article with your visitor.

Now I say I can not eat is and no one is hurt. True is too no one is as hospitality as in the old days. A cookie with the coffee, biscuits with the tea, it is no longer offered. No one really expects you to stay for dinner as well. Times have changed. You do no longer buy food to feed your visitors.

I would not go for that sesame snack either. I prefer cheese. I could eat mountains of cheese. Already as a little kid I did but these days I can hardly afford to buy it. 💕



Oh yum! I miss cheese, @wakeupkitty. It is expensive and not too good here. SE Asians think of it as spoiled milk and do not eat much.

I was fat, so everyone wanted my not to eat. But my skinny brother got some of that nonsense about starving people elsewhere. Glad that's over.


@fitinfunfood I can imagine you miss cheese if youblike it.
I am happy to the nonsense stopped. It is not a reason to eat, send it ovrr to them if they starve but do not stuff yourself with it.