Looking back on mistakes and forward to improvement

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I went out and got more medicine for edema the other day, and have been out for the count since then. You can read about my epic journey at fitinfun. Now, three days later, I am just drinking fluids, taking pills, sleeping and showering. It seems like I am sweating out as much as I am peeing.

I'm less swollen, and the skin on my lower legs is coming off in sheets. I'm rubbing it off in the shower and then using coconut oil to take care of it when its dry.

But my legs are still leaking fluid from the pores and looking like they want to move on to having some infection. I have to keep up with this. Luckily my gut is smaller now so that I can actually see and reach my legs.

I looked at my face in the mirror and I am really puffy there. I hope this means the fluid is leaving me from wherever it can.

This post is my entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward Contest by @wakeupkitty for CCC.

This week she is asking if we think changing ourselves is the way to solve most of our problems. Yes, I do feel that way. Blaming others or circumstances for anything is a quick way to failure. It's only when we rise to challenges that we overcome them.

My weight loss book is all about the excuses that keep us fat. I wish I had gotten over my excuses sooner than I did and hope others will follow my lead. It was only when I stopped making excuses that I could lose weight. Then it turned out to be easier than I would have ever thought.

I need to leave Malaysia for my next visa trip in about 4 weeks. I thought I would have a lot of accomplishments since returning from STEEMFest and the last trip, but instead all I have done is be sick and try to recover.

All of this is my fault. I let myself get too run down. "Never again" is what I say now and hope I stick to my guns. This is why I am still in bed 20 hours a day, taking medicine, and not going out for supplies. I need to be much healthier than I am now to succeed on my next journey.

My photo for this post is some yummy free and unlimited condiments they give you for your meal at a Korean BBQ place near here. I hope to get back to this restaurant soon when healthy and chow down to my heart's content.

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It sounds the meds help. I am happy to hear that. You sound more positive too.

I believe there is a right time for everything. At times we might need the excuses to survive and our soul needs to find peace first.

Next we need time to recover, the soul does and spit out the poison we hang out. Working, healing you is the most important thing now. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

You have my to vote, I resteemed, !trdo and love and strength for you 💕

You have number 10.

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TY so much @wakeupkitty. I really appreciate your support. I am trying to keep working but not doing too much. These meds are hard on my body, but working better now. I just need to keep it up. TY for the contest, as always. You are awesome!


@fitinfunfood Try to do what benefits your most. Your earnings are way higher as before steam fest and if those meds help give them a chance. ❤️

I invite @olivia08 and @gertu to read this and comment.

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TY so much, @wakeupkitty. You are such an asset to STEEM :)


@fitinfunfood I hope it works. Happy day. ❤️

Thanks for sharing. Hope you get to feeling better so you can get out and secure supplies.


Me too, @justclickindiva. I could go now, but a storm is coming, so no - not trying until it passes :)

Im so glad you are always thinking of a positive way how to deal yourself. Take care and God bless Sharon!

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I hope you're recovering soon before you fly out from Malaysia.
Sadly in Malaysia, food is such an addiction that it can be hard to stay away from it. Especially, all those fried stuff.
My prayers go to you and hope that you get well soon.

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