Today I might be the incredible shrinking woman

11개월 전

Today was yet another day of rest for me, while praying this edema will finally heal. I am now taking a full dose of medicine each 18 hours and this is seeming to help drain some of the fluid out.

I got the new set of meds almost a week ago, and have been very good on my timing with it since then. It is completley exhausting and I am dehydrated with cracked lips now, and I was not sure it was working. I think my gut is smaller now, but my legs are still tree trunks.

But last night I had to go out for water and made a bit of a longer trip to get some kind of different and cheap food. I found this egg sandwich for 2.5 RM which is 62 cents usd!


The cart that sells this sandwich is right outside my condo gate at night. I will get this when I see it now as it was very good. There are a lot of veggies and a slice of pineapple along with the egg and spicy sauce. I do not eat much bread, but the bun was toasted and yummy too.

Before I went out, I decided to see if I could wear my regular shoes. Look! Here they are on my feet :)


They fit pretty well, and were so much easier to walk in than the sandals I have had to use recently. This feels like progress, and I need to keep going.

After this short walk last night and after eating the sandwich, I have mostly been in bed for the last 24 hours. I will post and reply a bit now, go back to bed, and then go out for more water when I wake up.

I have to keep drinking as much as possible, but I cannot carry too much water in each time. If the fluid is trying to drain out, I need to keep priming the pump!

I will need to get money out of STEEM ASAP and get a new set of the meds in about 2 days. I hope this will be the last time I need to pay this cost and that I will be healthy after that.

My rent of $100 usd is due tomorrow and how much do I have? Zero! Ergh... So much for doing better financially in 2020. I know I would get good post payouts if I posted more. But I have to be in better health as a top priority. One hour in this chair, and I blow up like a balloon again.

This post is for the weekly “What does today mean to you?” contest by @freedomshift for ccc. Today I am filled with hope and resolve to come back to health.

I took the photos for this post with my cell phone.

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I'm happy to hear this is starting to get better for you. It's funny because I am going through a similar thing these past four months. My kids bought me a nice recliner for Xmas and I sit here at my computer with my feet elevated. I KNOW all the sitting and typing I was doing contributed to my problem, which turned out to be venous insufficiency. Of course I had to figure that diagnosis out pretty much myself by talking to four different doctors, who gave four different diagnoses. Ultimately, the one that made the most sense to me is the one, once treated, that showed improvement. My treatment, and perhaps you would benefit from this, was a homeopathic remedy I got from Weleda called Venadoron. $16 for one tube plus shipping, but I had to go back to get two more. No prescription necessary for this particular remedy. You might be able to talk to one of their pharmacists, describe your specific problem, and get a remedy more suited to you. I wonder how much it would cost to ship to you? I put it on my legs ankle to knee then elevated my feet above my heart. The improvement was dramatically apparent the very first day, and the problem remains much much improved three weeks later.
yay about the shoes!

Happy day. Take good care of yourself. An upvote for you. Thanks for being a member.