this is the sniper who kills the general kohler

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"O God, Ik ben getroffen" (Oh my God, I got hit).
The last remark came from General Kohler's mouth when a bullet pierced his chest.
The general was sprawled and killed in front of Masjid Raya Baiturrahman.
The Dutch government realized the mistake of Major General JHR Kohler who invaded and burned the grandest mosque of Acehnese pride.
The attack on the Grand Mosque was a boomerang for the Dutch.
The events that occurred in 1873 left evidence of the great number of victims of the War
Aceh on the Dutch side.
Among these can be seen in Kerkhof, Peucut, Banda Aceh, about one kilometer south of the Great Mosque.
There were buried 2,200 Dutch soldiers, including Kohler, the general himself.
So who exactly is a mysterious shooter who has penetrated the heart of General Kohler until his death was horrendous to the European universe at that time?


According to information quoted from General Kohler was killed by a mysterious sniper in the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman.
At that time General Kohler was inspecting Dutch troops in the Baiturrahman Raya mosque area.
But one Acehnese warrior ducked and shot General Kohler within 100 meters right in his heart.
Kohler collapsed under a Geulumpang tree which was later joined by the Dutch with Kohlerboom or Kohler trees.
Currently the tree has been cut due to the expansion of the Great Mosque Baiturrahman renovation.
This sniper is known to a teenager from the 19-year-old Acehnese army and hiding behind the ruins of a mosque unknown to Kohler who was holding a binoculars.
The incident of General Kohler's death by a sniper is shocking all the Dutch troops in Aceh and also around the world, especially Europe.

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