eSports Excitement!

3년 전


While I am not the biggest fan of the game Fortnite, I am definitely a huge fan of eSports in general as I find it as entertaining than regular sports as I still play quite a bit myself. Given my enjoyment of playing games, I often like to see how these professional players have really took many steps further to make a living out of it which is very inspirational in my thoughts. The amount of talent and discipline is amazing to see in action as concentration and reflexes are often put on display front and center.

A couple of weeks ago, I remember quite late that the Fortnite tournament was on and as I was watching YouTube, I saw that it was live at the moment. I decided to get on my couch and stream it to my television to watch it. I was hooked from the start as the environment was definitely exciting to watch. The casters, which included some that also cast for Call of Duty did a great job with entertaining the audience.

In the end, a teenager became a millionaire and launched into stardom like many other athletes in the main stream! Can you imagine the way that changes the life of that person and those who surround him? As I sat watch the stream with excitement and amazement, it hit me that eSports is making a large move into the mainstream as our live become increasingly digital. Given how generations have started to grow up in this gamers environment, I think that not only the audiences and content will grow, but also the amount of money behind it!


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