PoGo: Finally Completed All Forms of Deoxys!

3년 전


Thanks to one of the Ultra bonuses the Pokemon Go Community unlocked this Summer, I was able to finally complete my Pokedex for all forms of the Mythical Pokemon, Deoxys. Until the week of September 9th thru the 16th, Deoxys was only available via invite to an EX Raid. In order to get an EX Raid pass, you needed to be active at specific Raid locations. As I had not been as active as before, I really had the chance to get one or two of these at the beginning of the Deoxys EX Raid launches.

I was also lucky enough to get two invitation from a friend that is much more active than me and would always invite me to EX Raids. However, during my last EX Raid, I noticed that I had not gotten the Defense form which was available months ago. I initially tried to trade for it but nobody I knew well was willing to make the trade given the Stardust costs it would have taken. Not even my good friend had extra to make the trade even thought we are Best Friends in game which would have reduced the costs.

However, with the Ultra Bonuses, Deoxys came to regular raid battles. What was crazy was that I almost missed out on it as I had not been really participating in Raids as they had become somewhat stale for a while. However, on the last day of the bonus, I was able to go for lunch at the local mall and saw that a Raid egg was going to hatch. To my luck, it was the last form I needed. I did have to wait for more people to come and battle it but was able to get catch it and complete the entry into my Pokedex!


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