Pokemon Go: October Community Day Event Details

3년 전


Niantic has announced the star Pokémon of the next community day event in August. It was quick as the previous Community Day Event was only 2 or 3 weeks ago. Trapinch, which the Ant Pit Pokemon from Generation Three and the Hoenn Region will be the featured Pokémon and spawn more often during the event Saturday October 12, 2019. Niantic continues to follow the typical trend of alternating rare Pokémon with the starters of each generation as Turtwig was the star last month.

As usual the community day event will last for three hours and will be on a Saturday this time around but from 11am to 2pm local times. The reward during the event will be a 3x catch XP bonus. They have also disclosed this time that 2km eggs will also be given from spinning PokeStops which will hatch Trapinch which is similar to what we saw with Ralkts months ago. This provides another good source of candy for the rare Pokemon. Given the rarity and popularity of Trapinch and its evolutions, I am not surprised that there is not more bonuses as many would go out and get as much candy as possible as its evolutions require more candy than most.

As usual, you will have a chance to encounter the shiny form of the Pokémon Trapinch in increased probabilities during the event. Also, a special move will be gained from evolving Vibrava to Flygon up to an hour after the event has been announced. It will be interesting to see how much interest this gets from the community this month. Good luck and catch ‘em all!


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