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Thank you @ good-karma has created programs that make it easy for beginner steemit and very helpful beginner in work in steemit. Once again thank you @ good-karma.


I was looking for the Ph and saw it's 99% translated
looks like you don't need help on that

This is very helpful ..
Do you leave a special application about this.
This is very useful for us who are still lacking knowledge of the language in the world.
I usually use a translator on google.
You are great @ good-karma.
You are a great application developer.
Me and others would love to be in steemit.
you is the best

Well english is taken so that is about all I can help with...Maybe a small amount of Hebrew, a very small amount.

Thank you @good-karma I have one questions about whitepaper. Now I can not found our White paper in Japanese. If not, I am not native in English. But I want to translate for activation steemit in Japan through making japanese white paper step by step. @steemitjp


Hi, that's an excellent idea, we have number of people working on white paper, I will check the status of that and come back 😉 although there is github repo available for everyone to contribute, not sure if anyone is doing translation


Hi good karma Thank you for your replying. I will do my best to support.


Aziz Zaidane:
good news, thank you, upvote

Wow! This is awesome. More people will come with language translation. It helps them to understand the platform too if they are using their own language! I love the positivity of people in steemit. I'm gonna help with Cebuano translation today. Great work guys! 😄👍👍👍


Sounds great. Is there someone helping with Filipino if there isn't one yet?

esteem is realy cool and i'd like to help you guys to get the the translations finished.

I saw my 3 languages are allready at 99% but I hope I can still add some contribution and make them a 100% :)

Apllied to the form and hope to hear from you soon :)


P.S. If you like pugs come and see my blog :]


Thanks for accepting me to the team!

I really hope my contribution is something worth and nobody gets annoyed when i replace his/her translation :)

It is really a good idea since it has no good translating system and having some volunteers to translate the post to let more people understand different posts worldwide, it can make the steemit community great and more and more steemians can exchange their ideas an opinions.I hope that your project will be success

That is soo Cool. Thank you for this app just going to download it. This is really a time-saver and.
Your posts are really helpful.
And this app is Lit

Many congratulations.
Thanks again

@jerrybanfield @daio @trevonjb @allasyummyfood @steemwhales @silviabeneforti @federacoin45 @entrepreneurx @ferdian @thing-2 @sweetsssj @andrianna

You need to check this out.

This is awesome and groundbreaking for the Steem community. Having the ability to tackle the language barrier that keeps millions of people from communicating with each other will open more doors for the Steem platform as a whole. Everyday I find myself promoting Steem by inviting my family and friends to join this awesome platform and be apart of history in the making. Continue to stay humble and continue building this magnificent platform that's going to keep Steem around for decades to come. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Excellent! Thanks to them all! Huge contribution. I'm planning in the future (once I'm longer in Steemitb and know more) to translate instructions in simple, baby steps. I have yet to see simple, complete, instructions in anything that has to do with Steemit.😄 This is a turn-off to many people. I'm hoping to contribute to change that.

It's a very helpful program for people all over the world, now people will find it easier to understand, they can use their mother tongue.

The steemit community can also translate the language of other countries, it will greatly help the community steemit everything.

Thank you @good-karma your program is very helpful, hopefully eSteem will continue to sail to get the island he deserves.

Thank you for your posting and volunteer information. Now I make an effort to expand Japan comunity in tokyo. So I make an efforts to write down explanation AtoZ about Steem. Now Whitepaper is translated in Japanese? If I can, I want to lead japan comunity AMAP. Do you have any advice to me, please let me know..Thank you!

  ·  3년 전 did great job @good-karma. I am really impress with your creativity to this platform. We know that this platform can not be separated with the language. So that's why, the language here takes the important rules to make all steemian easy to understand the contenten of the blog. I believe your works give much benefit to all benefit..keep up for a good works @good-karma for the next creature..

I am using esteem right now. It is really good. I suggest IGBO language, one of the major languages in Nigeria, the most populated black nation in the world. I will assist to ensure it is a success if I am beckon on.

Hi @good-karma, I just registered on Crowdin and looking forward to joining the Malay translation team. I'm pretty good at Malay translation, that's my first language.

P/s: I saw a lot of inaccuracy in current Malay translation. I can help fix them 👍

@good-karma i can help in the arabic language


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Guys!!! you are missing Mexican spanish or Latin America spanish!!! You already have portuguese and brazilian portuguese. Spain and Latin america's spanish it's very different.


Differences are futile. "Ordenador" instead of "computadora", and that kind of stuff. Not a big deal. Same language, different dialects. We should know each other's dialect. We should tolerate the differences, instead of whining like children "they don't speak/write like me!" Admit it, both sides do that. Get over it. Brazilians and portugueses do that, as well. It's not pretty (although their case is different, because they are still in the process of unifying their grammar; not our case.)
Argentinians, for example, do the same with the mexican dialect. They vehemently reject the mexican dialect hegemony from Hollywood, but at the same time, they (from the Federal Capital) impose their dialect over dialects of interior's people, which are radically different, and some of which, funnily enough, are closer to the mexican dialect than to Buenos Aires (rioplatense) dialect!
That's why, from now on, I'm going to label every person defending the idea of "1 dialect = 1 translation" as "DJW". Dialect justice warrior.
Please, don't be a DJW.


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I told that once before and it was not needed, but I'm still willing to help with Polish if needed ;)

I was Wondering if I can be part of this Wonderful Project (eSTEEM) by @good-karma. Now I Got the right Role for me !!! I will Contribute the Remaining Translation of NEPALI Version of the APP. I have Send my Request. Please Approve it for me !

Thanks - @cWorldV99

Will like to help for Igbo Language however depends on how large the translation is

I can be one of the volunteer, I'm an Indian can support you for HINDI language @good-karma

I can translate in FRENCH @good-karma

Hey! I can help you with italian, french, portuguese and spanish. I would like to be an active member in Steemit, so, if you need help, you can count on me!!!

Great post

great post good-karma

Great idea. It would be nice to be one of the Korean translators. I applied already and will be waiting for approval. Pick me up-! :)


I wan to join for Filipino and cebuano translator.

I can volunteer for Bengali. This is such a great initiative!

Does eSteem have plans for integrating a spell check feature? The app is definitely user friendly and convenient, but when I submit posts on eSteem, I feel like this:

But then when I read them on Steemit I feel like this:

German is 99% done. But if you need someone to check I would like to help.

Thank for this piece of information happy holidays everyone! Be sure to check out my opinion on bitcion here at my blog :

Esteem desktop would be a great addition . Looking forward to it.
If i had known before with the help of translation, would have assisted you guys in Hindi language.

Super, je voulais aider la comunauté Steemit Française je sais maintenant comment participer !!!

Post upvoted 👍

Traduction française de la FAQ ici:

Wish I could help! Thanks for all your work on the app. Looking forward to the desktop version.

I can do it for Malay. If new translation is needed

great news.. waiting for the desktop app.. good luck

good post~

  ·  3년 전

I can volunteer for HINDI and URDU.

This is great. Let me try this @good-karma

i can translate Australian


Added English Australia! ;)


happy to help

Thanks to remember. Last month I did some extra translations in french en dutch ;) Gonna take a lot for the last 1% ;)

Do you plan to add extra languages like corsican and latin ?
If yes, I am willing to help for the translation as well :)
Just an idea to extend as much as we can the possibilities ;)
Others local languages could be a good idea if there are other Steemians willing to help.
Together, we are strong :)

why payments for post stopped??? whales please upvote minor posts or you will loose people,

Thank you Good-Karma for making this awesome platform. Although I have a smartphone, I do not use it to write or use steem. However, I will be waiting for the desktop app so that I can install it on my laptop and make the best of steem with the help of esteem app.

  ·  3년 전

Very good @good-karma, we need to develop more and more apps to improve the user experience.
I have developed a new tool for steemit if you want to check it out.

I can help with French and/or Greek!

Just need to add BRL


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Hi @good-karma, I have just voted you as a wittness. Very interesting post. I have just posted my introduction, you can find it here:

I want to help to the best of my ability. I speak Spanish with a Mexican dialect .

The translation feature really helps to find the app or platform you like in your own native language. I am proud that native translations and cultural association of these apps and platform are helping any newcomer to the world of eSteem.

@good-karma, I am interested in Translating in Kenyan Swahili

Excellent information my friend

Can I make a post in my language... ? Or just english language .. I just confused .. Answer my question please...


You can make a post in whichever language you prefer. More people will understand it in English, but the choice is yours. Good luck and welcome to steemit @muhathir!

Informative stufd

This will be very helpful for begineers like me.thanks for ur effort bro. Um following

An ASL (American Sign Language) video would be awesome. Wish I was good enough but barely understand steemit myself. My deaf sister asked what I was doing and I was at a loss. Might promote a deaf community, of course they read and write as well. so it should be less of a priority.

It's great! Many thanks!)

great work . In can assist in pidgon english, italian..

Thanks good-karma. It will help all new users to connect with people from diffrent places, and learn new language.

Thanks for the Russian!


Im form Macedonia

let me know when you guys are up and running...

Muy bien felicidades.

@good-karma, you now have my vote , thanks for helping the community !


i have translated project now what to do?

I @naseerbhat volunter as translator for urdu and kashmiri if these language are available on @esteem platform. Am a medico from jammu and kashmir INDIA so i know both the languages. Kashmiri being the local language and urdu being the official language in our state.. Consider my entry @good-karma .
Thank you @naseerbhat

Hi, @good-karma,

Bahasa indonesia & acehnese was 100%

what can i do for eSteem now?

I would like to help out with translation. I'm not sure if you are aware, but the esteem app that i'm currently using on my android phone keeps crashing. I'm not too sure what the problem is. Another issue on esteem is that whenever i push the comment tabs to read comments on a post, esteem automatically upvote the post. Is there a bug on esteem?

Hey @good-karma. Thanks for bringing all the possible upgrades to eSteem app and contributing to the growth of Steemit. Even I would like to play my part in it and hence I am going to resteem it. Also, I would be interested in helping out on the translation front. I can do hindi to English translation. Do let me how can I proceed with it... Peace ✌️

Nice! 99 percent translated to Filipino. :)

I thought this is a very good idea you do not need to worry about English writing in every blogs post its about speak with you preferable language,,, AWESOME!

Nice information. Thanks @good-karma

Really great!

When I tell people what I do for a living their response is a combination of pity, and total bewilderment. I think the reason why people respond this way, is because they may not understand that translation is a profession.

Wonderful app I like it

Thank you information .. very useful for me as beginner

good post

I just joined translation team! waiting for approval

Because of this app, all new users of steemit feel the comfort in this steemit, thank @good-karma

applied for Estonian

Been hoping there was a mobile app and there you go!
Thanks a lot!!! :)

I would like to join in Vietnamese translation team. But i dont have much time, not sure if I can get the approval

russian completed =(

Appreciate if you guys could add "Malayalam" to the list. I could even help with that at my spare time. Thanks


Added Malayalam! :)

Hi @good-karma. I just see that you need a little translation in Thai, I live in thailand and speak thai and my wife is thai i can maybe help you for that. Keep on doing good job

big thanks to @good-karma for all the hard work youve done,now many more people will be able use steemit in their native language

It really great post. I am just follow you. Plz follow and vote me. I need your support.

thank you

Hi @good-karma
I have just registered to be a translator
I speak English Italian and Romanian
Hope I can be usefull
Have a lovely time

So do you still need help with the Arabic @good-karma ?

Am ready to it , but need more explanation if you dont mind .
Waiting ur response. Am interested in it.

@good-karma esteem is a great platform thank you so much for bringing it up. This will definately give steem community a boost. I just loved esteem features. Great Job. Keep it up. Upvoted. :)

Helow, I want to work as a translator in the language ASSAMESE


Hello @good-karma. i am willing to translate in Nigerian ''Yoruba'' language.

Was necessary. Spanish is translated into 99%, nice!

esteem a great concept , I thank all the people involved for the good work. This will help many more join Steemit and put in there contribution. God bless you all.

I have been using esteem a lot lately. Great app and always improving.

Would love to contribute..unfortunately I speak little bit of couple languages.. still not enough tho

p;z follow me

nice post
thx for info @good-karma

thanks. @good-karma, You have done a very good job and useful for all user esteem. I really expect esteem to be a priority application on this platform. And we will also report if we find obstacles and problems in the use of esteem. Thank you very much. Congratulations on your success, hopefully today will be a good day for you.

I can check and valide our French version :)

Good work bro
You made great effort

Great Post !!!!

Just applied for the Bulgarian translators team.

Urdu Language is only Pakistani Language so please correct Urdu(Hindi India) not Language .Hindi is only Indian Language

Thanks for yor post . I really appreciate for u .
I am a

@jared.cordon Need for cantonese.

Good contribution every day you learn something new

Good post..... Thank u so much for the post, this post will work more for the new members like me.

Joining for the Malay Language

I will do Georgian

teşekkürler harika bir çalışma kolay ilerleme sağlayabilmek güzel gerçekten

I would like to help out on malay languange

This is a very good post for the beginers like me.
Thanks a lot @good-karma


@good-karma I will translate for Afrikaans! Sent my request.

I can translate to Sinhala Language (Sri Lanka) @good-karma. if you want please keep me update, many thanks .


Added Sinhala language!


appreciate it lot my good friend. already send a invitation to Join. As a Sri lankan Buddhist i believe 100% myself commitment to this project .


I am Done with my translating Job , Now time to voting process . have to take some break after 9 hours of continues working , cheers for the esteem project .

Great work.

Like name-Good Karma your work is also really good .
thanks for helping entire community .

I would like to be a part of the project by translating into Assamese, my native language. i already signed up and waiting for the approval.

i can translate to arabic and french

that a very good idea, i can translate English to arabic and german