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I have gotten a few new users in the sunny state of Florida! I love how this platform is growing right in front of our eyes.

@good-karma thanks for the update. eSteem is doing great and I am glad that it helps a lot of people, and adds value to our steemit..a win win for all, thanks.


Amen to that...success

I love this app. I use it in conjunction with the online website. It keeps me always linked up with the community. I urge everyone to use it also. Keep the updates coming. Thanks.

That's encouraging news, gk! Smash the bugs and we're cooking. The more I think of it, it seems to me the memory handling might be the iOS most serious flaw. It is however better than anything for quick responses.


Yes memory handling is what we are working on, but step by step all pages being optimized to handle data better. Data coming from blockchain sometimes can be unnecessarily cluttering device's memory...


That's my impression too. This quick reply was written in esteem

esteem is such a great app, It shows upvote percentage, which is really helpful

that's a good growth! If this app will be ready with no other problems I bet it will be more used than

I'm going to go download esteem now.
Looks like a really convenient way to use steem on my smartphone rather than using a browser which constantly glitches.

I will try to download eSteem again. It was a bit buggy back then and force closes. Let's try it one more time. :)


Please report issues and bugs you encounter, it helps us to improve it with future releases ;)


I'm the least technical guy you'll ever know, but yes i will report asap if i run into some issues again.
Following you now coz im a newbie. Hehe.. xD

Thank you so much, and pretty cool name, @good-karma. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

ESteem would improve the activity on the page since everyone does not give them time to sit down and write on a pc.

I also use esteem in my android, this is very easy, we can easily post anywhere. But there are still some that still error and occasionally do not work in android, I hope esteem always update and become android application that is in need by steemit community.

Your best

By: @zikril04

Steem Gaint grow day by day with all of steemers like us , keep growing keep steeming

I have eSteem on my iPhone. But it's too buggy that I don't use it. I can't risk writing something, having the app crash and then start over again.

I only have it because it gives me push notifications. And even those sometimes do not come in. But it helps me respond to activity faster. So push notifications are the killer feature for me.

Plus, I also like that it shows me my current level with 1 decimal. The Steemit website only shows me the rounded number.


Yes, iOS need some improvements as does Android. We are working on improvements with each new release, some pages are being optimized...


That's awesome to hear. I'm curious about new developments so I will keep track of it. I'm a heavy iOS user so as soon as an update arrives I will test it again.


If I may suggest something.

The push notifications are a killer feature to me, I think for many other users as well. What would be really great is you could implement an easy to use notification management feature within the app. So you can check all activities one by one and mark them as read for yourself and give you the options to react to that specific activity.

Also, when we get mentioned a nice notifications pops up but if we get mentioned in a new post there is no quick way of getting to that post if I'm correct. I would have to remember who mentioned me, go to their blog and find the post.

@good-karma perhaps these are already on your roadmap, perhaps they're not... hope it helps though.


Thank you! Yes, Notification center/page is on todo list :)

Oops, didn't know about the app, I'm on it, thank you!!
Great growth by the way.

Esteem is growing fabulous!

Thanks for all of this good info


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I hope we all grow and saved by steem from hardships.


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Good post :)

Thanks for sharing. Steem is great for giving you the ability to monetize your app development efforts so quickly!

I am getting 4 notifications for one action. It started doing that recently. Is that a bug or something I am doing wrong in settings. I am using iphone 6s.


Hmm I just checked it must be because of delay on notifications... Can you notify me if you see it again, please? I have added some checks to the code.


I don't know if you made a change or not, but it is not doing that anymore. If that happens again I will let you know. Thanks

I loved esteem thanks for making life easy for the community.

Thanks for the great work;)

well, I guess I'm going to go download esteem now.

hi,I live in Myanmar Country.
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eSteem really has some extra (good) features..thanks!
but it needs bug fix too...

Steemit steemit and sreemit
Thank u so much @good-karma for the valuable posts.

Please upvote all my posts up because it's all through your program I mempostnya,

i hope to be ok and no crashes

Running on my phone and tablet. Like all the notification settings!

Très bon article qui montre une nouvelle monnaie et tu es formidable en plus tu nous fait des analyses très bien.


Thank you... You information is the best....
I like...

I come from indonesia, a very good turn out notice the development people use IOS, don't forget to follow me
@hattaarshavin. Thank you @good.karma

great way to check the growth of Steemit users based on mobile device & links to Minnows Support.

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Thanks for your post .

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I tried it out but it didn't work that well for me.
Was a bit slow.

I love eSteem app for Android! But sometimes it freezes. So I hope you improve it to be the best! Thumb up for it!

Please follow me all friends :)

Very interesting info for a newbie, thanks for sharing!

Nice app. This app make it easy for user of the steemit

Hello, I come from Aceh, Indonesia. I am a new user in this community. Regards.

Filipino uses Steem too.. though we are outnumbered.. hmmm

Replying to this esteem ios post from the ios esteem app! Mind blown. Thanks for putting this app together.

I thought the UK would be a lot more, I'm glad it's growing more money for us all 😀

I am really happy to see this platform growing steadily ! upvoted and followed ! Thanks

Wow. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Hi @good-karma, Thanks for this valuable update. This platform is growing with every passing day. Keep posting the good stuff.

Hi, the app is very useful and I use it every day. It has very valuable features, the desktop version doesn't have. I have a question: Is there a way you could implement cloud print? The desktop version does not offer to print my own or other posts . I would like to have this feature because I would like to print out some posts and rather read them on paper than on a screen.

@good-karma esteem is just amazing
Great initiative. Amazing work from you. Thanks for bringing it up.

Great post. You are exactly right steemit is doing great. It is making a wider zone these days.

Thanks for the update! I hope I can help you!!!

Thank you very much for this post.

Those are impressive growth numbers, but looking at the worldmap and the total amount of Steemitusers there is a MASSIVE GROWTH to be realized. Keep doing great work! I am sure all the eSteem users apreciate it. I know I do!

ohhh the greatest update man!!!!! I didnt know that....
I am new and want to friends with steem comunity thats why I request you to follow me and upvote my posts. thank you

Wow, nice work.
This is realy usefull .

Here is a song i choise for you :-)

this is actually nice

I want to contribute in improving arabic language, how can i help?

Thank you @good-karma for the important work and your explanation. I appreciate your support. Have a nice day!

that's a lot

Its great to see where the different Steemians are from around the world on a map! Very interesting I am one of those dots from the UK 🇬🇧

Didn't know this was out there till now. Thanks!! Going to jump onboard now.

@good-karma you revewed the app in a nice way

Nice overview, I love the app it's really great. use it daily

good work guys! keep your pace

Cant wait to see the growth of Steem over the next year! Woohoo lets go steemians!! 😊

I'm new and have downloaded the eSteem app. Sure would be great to get this app going on my Android when I'm away from my office. Could I please have some pointers on how to get this huge password into this app and use it?

haha, no votes for my comment any more, with hangs and force stops. I can only load the content with wifi, hard to load contents when I'm using mobile data (no problem on facebook app loading). almost give up 😖 but i do appreciated to @good-karma 's efforts on developing a good software for Steemit. Hope you a great success!


Hmm yes data loading/fetching/managing is tricky when data is directly coming from blockchain, working on some improvements...

Thanks for the update @good-karma

Go go steemit!!!

You are using Firebase !!!!

I have the eSteem app downloaded on my Android and would really like to use this and give feedback. The hard part is getting the large Steemit password into the phone without knocking out my password. This is my first feedback.

Thank you @good-karma for letting us know and to share your valuable thoughts.This is something I was looking for.

Thank you for this epic app just started using it today and I love it.

Hey, good luck on your journey in our fine community! I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @nakedchef89.

i like the name and it makes me curious to go and read your other blogs -- well done with your app.

Great post! Esteem is a great app. It's very helpful

Congratulations! Upvote and resteem

thanks for this information steem probably up in the future and born multiply millonaries around the world

Nice thanks for this update

Hello fellow steemiteer, I'm a heavy user of your app and I must say I love it. It helps me navigate smoother and quicker than I would on the actual website. There's one issue that I'm constantly experiencing with it though. When I open the app, everything is fine but say I open another app then come back to esteem I get real bad lags. I'm forced to close out the app completely and restart it. This happens on a daily basis and I'm using the iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks for everything you have done this far and I'm looking forward to future updates and progression with this app. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Congratulation @good-karma for growing user of esteem app, I invited

I see my country is gray. That must change.

Above facts reveal the popularity of steemit

awesome growth, keep up the excellent work

Excellent! Thanks again.

Hi @good-karma i love your app on IOS and try to lear some more everyday. I like the fact that every time i get a comment or a follower my phone let me knows it right a way and i can tell you this is encouraging for a newbie like me. Thank you again. I still looking for some more tutorials on how to use my esteem


Re @good-karma on my IOS i always having trouble to upvote post. Always get the same message: Broadcast error, try again, "ricko66". "posting" what is it about? thanks


Re re @good-karma i also get the same error message as the first one when i try to post a comment so i can't post either. Thanks

  ·  4년 전

I can't edit my post on new version.


iOS or Android, do you get any error messages or?

  ·  4년 전

i use iOS 10.3.2. It shows "broadcast error,try again! Comment must not have been voted on before specifying beneficiary."
And still one more problem. Is it unsupport iOS 10.3.2? After I update the version , It always not feedback, i need restart the app.

Very informative post and upvote.

Invest in Steem now if you want a yacht and a Maserati in year 2020... or pay your student loans, child support, etc... 😂

Hello good-karma I want to thank you for your support of more than one publication mia, I am following you, your post are very interesting; At the moment I can not give you back the support, the like, I'm a vajito of healing, as soon as I get back, I'll give you the support,

Thanks @good-karma this post get very effective to our starters/

Downloaded and used it, thank's by the way. It's really helpful app when we not used on PC. You know what, I'm posted my first blog by eSteem, it's really fun app when written in shorter. But, sometimes there's a few menu in eSteem I can't used, need to closed and restart. I have no idea, could it my internet connection or what? However it's really nice app.

i think this is really an encouraging news

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Amazing growth there😊 thx for ur hard work.

Woow, from the graphics I saw a significant user increment. Congrats to US fot hitting top uf users and follwed by Korea. My Indonesia Contry get rank of 5th. For the newbie users or the old users who does't use the mobile App (android and IoS) lets use it. App will help us easy earn coin of steemit. The amazing App. One more thing that I think need to be update is TAGS. I hope there is more increase TAGS.
I belive that who has earn money before from ads before, now change over to steemit, and facebookers too. Facebook did't pay every post, but steemit pay it, this is the amazing things. @good-karma thanks to be a good Developer of Steem, SteemPoll, SteemMonitor and SteemFest apps.
Nice post

nice info...

restime punya saya

Has anyone pentested the apps yet? I'm more than a little concerned about logging in over the app and having my cress swiped and Steem wallet emptied. Any thoughts or advice out there?

thanks you alot

exelente post, desde que estoy en steemit este es sin duda alguna el mejor post, gracias por tan exelente contribucion, y lo que veo a futuro en steemit es muy brillante, veo esta plataforma arrollando a las mas populares, porque su sistema en imnovador, y creo firmemente en este proyecto siga a pasos de gigantes,,,, gracias por ser parte en steemit @good-karma

fallow me

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Congratulations @good-karma!
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But the steemit engagement is decreased since last 3 days on wards :-(

A very good post is also useful, introduce me a new steemit user from Aceh.

Help us to add producer.

Greeting us to all users of steemit

@good-karma thank you for updating us. I'm on eSteem and it has been doing great. Happy to be a part of this network and for posts like these keeping the rest of us on the ball. Cheers!


Cool thanks for the 411. Upvoted and followed.. Feel free to follow back if you want. Cheers

Cheers for the stats update mate... lets get the word out and keep that chart moving towards the moon!

I am a tree planter getting ready to plant!
Thanks to @kedjom-keku your post was upvoted with 10% of my voting power.
I need just 5972 Steem Power to achieve 7,500 SP and
start planting trees in Cameroon.

Thanks a lot!

Previous thanks for the enlightenment that has been given. Introduce myself from Aceh and hope to learn a lot in this steemit. Hopefully steemit can continue to develop into an influential social media and anti plagiarism .... bravo steemit ..

those stats are great thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Nice article @good-karma. I used to spend about 3 minutes per year on social media. I'm already a addict. This is something very different. The next step in the evolution of social media.



I will try to download eSteem again. It was a bit buggy back then and force closes. Let's try it one more time. :)

impressive !!! whoot whoot

Hey There,
Are you no longer on Looking to reach out to you, shoot me a PM if possible.

  ·  4년 전

Newbie here try to download it...upvoted, resteemee followed and voted witness

Hello .... i'm @mukhtar.juned from aceh indonesia, nice posting sir, i'm steemit lover, support and give me your advice please, thanks

Tim Hello Zappl,

I am holder of a very large Zappl (top 10) and have friends in the top 10 as well.

I believe your idea has merit strong (integrating Exchange) but think about the following.

Business is war.

What do I mean?

It is better to offer a quick product Alpha, get some marketshare, mindshare, network effects, etc out there.

You have the chance to destroy Twitter. In my humble opinion (as Webmaster of the Internet during the last 15 years), let go of your product as quickly as possible (obviously with no one could hack in) and then fix it. Your great layout just let go of it and integrate other features later.

Dont get distracted.

Just my 2 cents.
good luck


Wrong project, this is eSteem, you should write to @zappl

  ·  4년 전

Nice post @good-karma
Please Follow my account

I am from Indonesia, I just started here and really want to work very much to spread the spirit, someday we will be part of this Statistic

Good post brother, brother help me to reward from steemit.

Beautiful post

Good Post ! Shortly note and easy understand for me this post.It useful for all iOS user. I follow you.

I am starting to prefer the eSteem interface over the web interface. Great job.

Great post

I am from Brazil, I am working very much to disseminate steem one day we will be part of this Statistics