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Another bunch of great stuff! It's great that you continue to work and improve the eSteem mobile V2. This post is excellent, and the information is clear. I so much appreciate the work done and the update provided.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Firstly, I want to thank you for your great and positive impact on Steemit because you've actually made Steemit more easier and convenient for minnows like me. There are lots of great things you've done on this great platform which serves as a means of motivation to me because I hope to impact the lives of people positively just like you are doing.

In my recent post which can be found through the below link , I was able to list some influential people on Steemit for their great impact of which you are one of them and you will always be one of them even though my post was written with the help of esteem.

I must say you've done a very great job to come up with such a beautiful version of esteem App and I can't wait to start using it 😊.





Thank you for sharing this great post @good-kharma with love from @hardaeborla 😊💞

I hope steem value will also increase and get better like this app soon.


Charts been looking a lot better that's for sure...

Its good to see ever comin progress on this app. Probably the first blockchain mobile app i fell in love


Great, looking forward for your reports Louis!


Mine showed update. Which I just did .


Yup! New update is awosem..

nice @good-karma ! Just downloaded the new Version and testing

I'll install it

I'm not mining yet

I was once using esteem on my iPhone but there were no updates on the app ... esteem has more features than Partiko and i would love to see updates being rolled out on iOS as its being done to Android users.

Hope to see your update on iOS soon. Thanks

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Thank you @chrisrice! Glad that you like recent development, let us know your feedback on particular feature or if you have some suggestions, feel free to join our Discord community of more than 4700 members and reach out, connect.

Still waiting for the tutorial of how to install eSteem surfer on your PC.


Hi, Have you checked ?

If you are using Windows, you can download exe file and installing it quite straight-forward. We have plans on doing tutorials, maybe that will help you in future.


Ok thanks

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What is the best steem app for iOS? Any ideas? Please and thanks guys! Being in the crypto world is really making me rethink my phone choice... Waiting to see how the Pundi X phone and the HTC Exodus phones are going to pan out. Anyway, be cool guys!


We will have our iOS version ready soon so Stay tuned for that!
Btw, Pundi X's f(x) sounds interesting...let's see if they deliver good competitive device 😉


Yep iOS timeframe?? Can't wait!

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keep up the great work

Awesome, the steem value incremented for this app i like this content great

#good-karma Hello brother please tell me what can I do in it

I think good rallly is coming in steem...

  ·  3년 전

Thanks @good-karma briliant work for us .
I am already searching android aap for steem using on google play.
Today i read ur post and downloded eSteem Mobile 2.0.7
I felt you are very nice work and i hope when you complete the all work it is very fruitfull for the steem community.

Hello brother please tell me what can I do in it

Hi dear @good-karma community members esteem app work in gulf country. If is work pls inform me.

How would you say that it compares to Partiko?

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Bilgi için teşekkür ederim

I also want to say thanks @good-karma. I'd been messing around with trying to get others working (even logging in was an issue) and nothing has close close yet to eSteem.

hola, una pregunta para que sirve esta app, apenas la descargue pero no se para que es, me podrían decir.

Hey Good job i love the inovation here is quite good at this time steem price is up a little and i hope we don't fail to deliver

chevere lo intentare instalar la nueva actualizacion

es compatible con tablet canaima rooteada?

This looks awesome I can't wait to log in and try it out! Thank you so much for all your hard work @good-karma

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Thanks! We have steemconnect and traditional login, check it out and give your feedback, we are releasing update regularly until we have all features we want for our users! 😉


Well I logged in with my active key and it worked, but it wouldn't let me upvote. I tried the posting key with steemconnect but wouldn't let me login. I will login with my master key on a different account to try it out. Looks great the new UI is impressive!

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Interesting, by wouldn't let me upvote, do you mean you get error messages or something else? Steemconnect not letting you login is something new and out of our hands but if you got any error messages or alert that would be really helpful to track down issue and fix it.

Buenísima la app. Felicidades

Very very useful app I use it all the time and the upgrade really helped, thanks guys. Hmmm this ones new, I'll download it then

Hi @good-karma!

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looking good

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(y) continue :D

perfect, I'll download it right now, I hope it's very fluid and has nothing to envy to the other applications like fb and those others.

Just downloaded it.
Let's see how it goes.
Good work..

Just downloaded it today for the first time so I will see how it works from now on.

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I am happy to hear about this improvement on esteem mobile v2 for android. Thank you @good-karma.

hope the new version make steem still growth
and value increase in future
try for new version

Terima kasih ibformasi dari @good-karma ,

Ohh!thats really great .

Why there's a "children" in the popular ? How to make a certain tags in the feed?

@good-karma Great i downloaded app

Very nice post sir and its help full alll steemit users

When will there be an update on IOS ???

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awesome steem client, i use om desktop too!! thanks team!

Love your post.

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Does it secure? This is official app?
I have installed it but feeling insecure to sign in 😞


We have 2 login methods, traditional and steemconnect, both login methods are secured with additional PIN code. All your credentials are stored on your device encrypted so nobody has access to them. You can check out source code if you have programming knowledge because our software is opensource anyone can take a look at the code to see what it is doing. So it is safe and secure!


The app doing well.

  ·  3년 전

Already testing new eSteem v2 app :)

We need to iPhone app update!!!

I just downloaded esteem mobile legacy from google play but the description of the app indicate 1.6, but it is much faster, but the trending feed does not show up ! android 5.1.1


You've got an older (legacy) version which is outdated. To download new one with modern user interface you can follow the link from this post or just click here


ok, there is no backward when you are in search mode !!

There's a lot more to be done but way to go! slowly updating steemit for the good :)

Good work!👍

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Incredible, excellent app.

Hey, @good-karma!

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Been using esteem since I first signed up for Steemit and loving the new version 2. Glad the leaderboard is up and running (I know it was before this update) and cant wait to check out the other improvements this update.

Ready for update my esteem mobile @esteemapp. And my first reaction is very fast to open it and my keyboard easy to typing now. Thanks @esteemapp for this movement.

Great, can't wait to test it. And I am new to steemit. :)

Great! I will update it now and will check all the functionality.


Some reported issues are still in works, but if you find any new issue or suggestion, please feel free to report 👍


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Each update makes it better and better! Thanks!

Thanks for info I will instal keep up the good work

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You guys did amazing job and I am very pleasead with the new update and more happy to see how quickly you solve any ussue. I was about to say that my photos appeared rotated when I first tested, but today I see it is fixed.


I still have to try it out, I'm using the old version 🙂

Nice to see eSteem is improving all the time.

I've tried this out today, much improved v2!

I'm seeing issues with strings being cut off--should I open an issue ticket in github or is this a known issue?



Keep up the awesome progress!

Is it only for Android? What about iOS users?


For now Android, we have iOS release almost ready, after final touches we will submit for AppStore review which should take few days.

Very cool. Gonna download it and try to be active on it.

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Thanks for the update :)

Awesome look and feel - testing it for the next couple of days or just keep it as my main app for steem. We will see :)

Is there any good news about the price of steem or SBD?


Sure! Buy now because it will grow in future :) maybe not. But there is a chance of flat also. Then it will go high. Or maybe low. Or maybe it will repeat same situation like 2017. Maybe not. Or even 2018. But this is not 100% true.

@good-karma steemit App is excellent App👍

I like this information

i love the new feature.

I like esteem with new feature

The app works well. Would you be interested in adding a video upload section for users ?

Thanks for your continued work on the app. I love esteem. And you are showing your supporters that you are constantly making improvements. These are all real assets in this update. Keep up the good work! And we appreciate your support when we use your app! Thank you!

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Good ... I go look how it works now ;))

your post is being plagiarized here:

the user is plagiarizing many other steemit authors too
its reported to SC already

Really great for us