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This is a great update to the app, and I am happy to see the continued improvements being made.

That said, I wish the post had been significantly more detailed and informative. Your headline speaks of "reward in many currencies," but the post does not go into any detail about that. I realize you've put the information on your git, but a blog post is the place to really tell the story of the update.

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Thank you for your review, @didic! Keep up the good work!

I was testing, some issues I found:
*Log in, go to left menu, then setting. Next if you click the plus button besides username (top of menu) the combo displays my user name 2 times
*When I'm connected by wifi but without internet, the pin screen doesn't appear and I can click and create new post.

*Search results is shown alwys in dark skin mode
*In dark mode, inactive links like tabs maybe could have more contrast
*When a menu option is selected and I click again nothing happens, maybe if it was highlighted will be fine

I'll continue testing other features !


More issues to check:

  • Leaderboard view
    • To open users view, the only area to click is user image. As user I expected to open user details making clik over username
  • I'm not sure if is important, but this view has not update feature (sliding down the list on the top)
  • Search tool:
  • I can't go back using physical back button
  • Feed view

    • when I scroll on images, some times the image blinks
  • General

    • When I change app using "alt & tab" physical button, the post detail view is shown empty (for example clicking over a search result)

I'll continue testing !


Thank you for your feedbacks, we will save these and start working on them, expect changes in future releases.

Wow! Nice to see lots of improvements. Thank you so much @good-karma. 😀 More power!

Thaks for App and Turkish.. yey! I'm downloading now..

@mukhtarilyas, thank you @ good-karma for updating the system. We are easier to surf in esteem. Prolonged success.


Wuih.. udah banyak update nih si esteem, apa masih berat ya Pak untuk pemakaiannya, soalnya dulu banyak yang mengeluh kalau membuat lambat HP?

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I downloaded it when I was first introduced by the #esteem team.
But at that time all I could do was to support, comment and check the others.
What I can't do at that time is make a post.
Can you do it now?

Thank you @good-karma


Yes, you can 😎

I agree @fullcoverbetting , why is it not yet available in iOS?

What wrong with the former esteem app it taken a fork (hehehe) to make new app?

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It is ready but we are still waiting for the Apple to approve it for the Apple Store. Stay tuned. Hopefully we will get it soon.


That I am excited about.

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Excellent, It is great decision. It will help us too much. Thank you very much for giving such a big opportunity

I want to test the app, what funcrions do you think need more testing?


Actually everything needs testing. We suppose our users just have to use the app normally (post, comment, vote, save drafts, add to bookmarks/favorites etc) and check and see any unexpected behaviors in the app.

Hi, I was testing and found a bug. Opening this post the app crashes:

I sent error report by google play.

Extra info: testing using Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8.

Great to see all these improvements. I am patiently waiting on the new iphone version. I do know that you also have to wait on the approval of the apple app store!
Keep it going! Proud to be part of this community!

Amazing work on the Linux version. I have not tried this one yet but I will download it now. 😊

Thanks for all your hard work!

Edit: I don't see it on the Google Play store yet, only version 2.0.7...


Please check now, sorry for the delay.


I got it now. Thanks. I'm already trying it. It looks very cool and slick. And so much faster than the previous version, too. Great job!

Wow awwesome good-karma eSteem Mobile 2.0.8,👍

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Nice good Mr.@good karma
It is a nice post and i like this

This is so exciting! It just keeps getting better and better.

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Very eager to test the iOS version.

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Good news. This aplication very smooth. 👍

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I like your work very well.Hope you do more such things.Which will inspire us.You really do very well.Do more such work.
Thank you very much.

how to use esteem from pc

Good post, my friend

eSteem is the only application I like to use for steemit so I'm going to try the new one out.

Theres not app for ios?

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We are working on it, expect within few days iOS release

Really nice update! Keep up the good work!

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A good information is given by you, thanks to you and i have a doubt, can I use both apps partiko, esteem?

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Awsome i will try it now

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Huge improvements...Waiting for Achenese😎 language and Ios Version.😘

Nice post and also thanks for the infiltration

Wow @janton! I hope you get rewarded!

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oh..howdy sir badger, I see what you saw. Yeah that was a really bad day for me or else taken early in the day but yes esteem is very generous in that they give an award each month of 15 sbd for the top commenters so it's very nice of them. thanks for noticing sir badger!

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Waiting for an update on ios!
Good work!

Good news for everybody. Thanks for this post.

Great job @good-karma !

What exactly do you mean reward in many currencies?


You can see your reward in many currencies. It doesn't mean you earn reward in different currencies but display them in different currency. Earning different currencies something for future :)


Hello @good-karma, before I apologize

I want to ask your . Why do you use my voice while I am nothing esteem. Curator not
And I have been out of esteem for a long time, why do you still use my voice. What's in it for me. There is a loss to my energy.

I also didn't post again through esteem because I was very disappointed with the curator

Thank you @good-karma for the answer why is my voice still in use ...
Will I choose you as a curator ...

Thank you for consistently upgrading the app
I do enjoy using it very much and esteem-surfer is my go to :)

Are you planning a new release soon?


yes next week we will have 2.0.9 release for Android

Just installed on Xiaomi phone. Few issue you might want to look into.
When try to edit a post from, it stuck on eSteem wallpaper, got to clear and reopen the app to use it.
When open a post from Instagram via Share2Steem, the image does not appear, only show the source link.

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Thanks for your feedback!


Welcome. Anything pop up, will share with you. It was a great app.

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Gracias por el trabajo tan impresionante que están haciendo 🖤

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Wow @good-karma your good karma had make you really inspiring person on steemit. Carry on bro

I like this information,thank you friend

Hello again. I have found two issues so far.

  1. Most important, when users don't format their images correctly, the app doesn't show them, like this:



  1. Less important, the notification filter doesn't work sometimes. Example:

I selected to see only the Replies...


But some other notifications infiltrated themselves into the list:


I hope this helps. Keep up with the good work.

Buen-karma yo no descargue ninguna app para android, vos me recomendas bajar esta version ?

This is stunning, absolutely great work. I'm new to the community and esteem made it so much easier to get comfortable. Love the new update!

Hi @good-karma hi have recently downloaded the app and so far my experience is very good. I want to be a part of esteem community.. please help me. Thanks

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Nice post thanks you informasi update @good-karma

Thanks for the update. Have been using it on my @darrenfj account and notes some stuff but then hears a week ago this new release was coming out. Will continue to check it out..

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Very nice...👍

Recently rejoined steemit and using esteem application this is better then the previous version when I left steemit.


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Bravo,, this is very good news, congratulation for all eSteemian, let update now.

Hello @good-karma, before I apologize

I want to ask your . Why do you use my voice while I am nothing esteem. Curator not
And I have been out of esteem for a long time, why do you still use my voice. What's in it for me. There is a loss to my energy.

I also didn't post again through esteem because I was very disappointed with the curator

Thank you @good-karma for the answer why is my voice still in use ...
Will I choose you as a curator ...

Nice improvments! Using it Bad Im Rally happy with this app. Thumbs up

I recently downloaded this. I’m about to log in and check it out. That’s for this post. Good information

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Hi! I didn't knew about this app. I have just installed it and I like it. At a first glance I see that some amounts don't look pretty in the wallet.

Edit: it is not possible to me to upload image in this comm


As you can see, my previous comment has been cutted.


That' s the image about the wallet amounts

Posted using Partiko Android


That's weird error, thanks for reporting... We will check it out. Have you got this error again? What version of app are you using (visible on bottom of side menu) ?


Hi, that's the version I am using



Thanks! Have you received this error again? Because I think it might be related to Server you are connected to, Check Settings page in app and change server to different when you get above error.