eSteem Mobile 2.0.9 Android update

8개월 전


Here is our recent update of eSteem Mobile 2 for Android devices. New mobile client for Steem blockchain with reworked user interface.

And today we are updating you with many small and nice fixes and features here and there which you will love for sure. If you have it installed already just open your Google Play store and search for update otherwise you can click or tap on the badge below.

Play Store Badge

This version is separate from eSteem 1.6.0 you might used before. It will not update on it's own. Please download new application from Google Play.


What's new in 2.0.9

  • New Open links from,, in eSteem Mobile application
  • New Tag search
  • New All tags are active (clickable) now
  • New Clear button for editor screen
  • New Redirect feature opening relative action from notification
  • New Comment sorting for votes, trending, reputation, age...
  • New Number of upvotes on comments
  • New Information text for SteemConnect login
  • New App restart after server change
  • New Disable NSFW content option
  • New Translation Portuguese
  • New Translation Lithuanian
  • New Translation Korean
  • Fixed Table with images rendering
  • Fixed Profile screen issue opened from search results
  • Fixed Editor issue after reply any post
  • Fixed SteemConnect login screen design
  • Fixed Push notification disable bug
  • Fixed Tags design issue for android and added remove button for each tag in editor
  • Fixed Post dropdown links on profile screen
  • Fixed long space issue after h tag in editor page
  • Fixed Favorite list avatars

Download now!


Looking for iOS version?



We are still looking for beta testers, please report bugs here in comments or at GitHub. Tests will be rewarded.

iOS version update is submitted to AppStore and we are waiting for approval.

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This is a fantastic post. The visuals are great, and the post is utterly well-structured. The update is massive, considering the list of improvements, and fixes on the eSteem mobile. I have updated mine, and I can see a lot of impressive features, as listed in this post. I appreciate the consistent work in making the app to be more useful.
The post is precise. It contains every relevant information in a specific style.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Why would you use eSteem when you’ve Partiko?

Posted using Partiko iOS


because he is the owner of eSteem


@cryptoeera eSteem is the first mobile and PC app for the steem blockchain and there are numerous reasons you would choose to use eSteem over other apps. With eSteem apps, you only see what posted, no enforced additional/destructive texts (eSteem does not promote their products with userbase), it's open-source, it’s completely decentralized (you can connect to another server yourself or to your own server if other servers are not responding), you have total control over your privacy. I can't list all, Download and explore more of its amazing features!


Well, but Partiko has one advantage that shadows all of yours, which is: granting Partiko points redeemable for Steem Upvotes or, at the end of this year, used on their own exchange to convert directly into other Cryptos.

Posted using Partiko iOS


You know that when you use esteem you get votes from them and earn probably more than what you would earn with partiko anyways, just check the esteem tag and you will see what i'm talking about


Wow really? I didn’t know that, thanks for letting me know.
So, that basically means the best option is to post on eSteem to get the upvote and then do everything else (commenting, upvoting etc...) on Partiko to get points...

Posted using Partiko iOS


This is true! I was wondering what the big difference was.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Why would you use Partiko when you’ve eSteem?

Great updates! I love having my favorites, bookmarks and drafts available here. I am looking forward to exploring all the new updates. And I just have to tell you how grateful I am that you do not put advertising spam on every comment that I make! You rock!

Is it possible to have the voting bar at the bottom of the posts be a different color than the comment section of the post? I can't tell you how many times I have voted and then realized that I just upvoted a comment rather than the post like I had intended.
Example: image

Thank you very much for the excellent work.

Posted using eSteem Mobile 2.0.9 ;-)

thanks for developing this great app , but the vote system using esteem app needs more improves

this very great update to maximize all the blogs in the community users.
this will make the community strong, love this app.
great job the good-karma and the team.

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Already testing it! Looks good other than that it crashed when I tried to access my wallet. I'll update it and test again!
Thanks @good-karma for your work, I have voted your witness too. Cheers!

Posted using Partiko Android

Great to hear from you buddy.
A few days ago I did install eSteem on my Android phone but it was really slow, like it would take a lot of time loading my Feed or trending.
I hope this one works.
I made a video of it and tried to upload it on @dtube but unfortunately probably @dtube bug didn't allow me to upload.


Hey, thanks for comment! Are you using latest version of eSteem v2? Please make sure you using latest version and new app always for best experience, because we regularly update and improve user reported bugs, suggestions, etc.


Nope it is not, it is eSteem v1, legacy version. We have completely new app eSteem v2. Try this link:


Okay thanks :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Good to know.
I didn't know that

I started to use this application just recently so i guess it's a new version, but where i can check it to be sure?


Please which device do you use, Android or iOS?


Android always:)

Posted using Partiko Android

Good apk

Posted using Partiko Android

Sounds excellent for android.
Iam an iOS user and realised esteem app is draining the battery. A 10 minutes write up used 25% of the battery where as other dapps take 2-3%.
I am not sure if this was brought to your attention.
Im still using the app though but a fix would be nice.
Thank you for all your efforts

Posted using Partiko iOS


Can you check if your app is updated to v2.0.9, this should be fixed.


It is v 2.0.8, no updates showing
Thanks for the reply


The latest version of the app is v2.0.9 but App Store is taking time to process it.


Ok thank you
I’ll wait for it to come out

Posted using Partiko iOS

I like how esteem dapp work like seriously, I enjoy all the features in places. More grease to your elbow. And I also appreciate the support at all times. I hope the update will boost the app and improve it features in order to make it more easier to use for the users.

Good job. 👍

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Hey check my last post!

Looks very promising by features disclosed and the screenshots.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thankyou for sharing this information with us. Xossip

Fortnite on steam


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Mind blowing features.

This is pretty good

Great movement sir @good-karma, I hope someday esteem mobile can also function as a browser. Where when the esteemian gives a link and when we clicked it goes to the application esteem and the link address directly. Because all this time the link sent in the discord, if opened it will go to the default browser, not to esteem. Thank you sir


We are working on it, expect some news soon 😉

The version in that link is still esteem mobile v2.0.8.



Nice thanks

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Thanks @good-karma for the beautiful information! Already started to use it. It looks cool so far...good luck.

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I found a bug, it won't let me scroll.


Good job :)

But... can you add option to choose reward from post?
Now by default is 50% SBD and 50% STEEM. I would like to have possibility to change it.

Posted using Partiko Android


Yes, we are working on it. Thanks for feedback!

Good news. In a amazing .

hola excelelte dame tu voto

Very good!!
Thank you


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what is the Best witch in eSteem or partiko?

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Great! Will check it out! The old version didn't really work well for me, so let's see whether the new one is better :-)

Posted using Partiko Android

M'y membre 1000

Posted using Partiko Android

Since version 2.0 the app is way better

Posted using Partiko Android

This is great news... Cool development. Time to update my app!

I like the new look of the esteemapp

I'm totally new on steem. Your app seems very interesting...

good to hear this kind of update

Posted using Partiko Android

Does the upvote I receive from esteemapp increase as I keep using the app? @good-karma ........ Anyone can please answer

Posted using Partiko Android

Noticed little changes, but am actually looking at something still, haven't seen it, well was hoping to see the ratio of reputation just the way it was in several older version, asin like reputation (56.89) like that. Hope that will be added?

Thank you very much for the continuous improvement of the app!
I use it to post and comment on the Steem blockchain and I love it!
Really good work!

P.S. Is it possible that the link of Google play redirects me to the versión v2.0.8 and not the last one?


Google Play Store hasn't included the update, this depends on location, please check back in some time.


Ok, thank you! :)

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Good information, but I can't log in

@esteem very good apps
I used this apps for making steem post.

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I totally satisfied with esteem and it's new specifications will be interesting.
I am using daily a post with esteem app and I will continue with it.
Thank you @esteem team.

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome !

The iOS version could definitely use an update : /
Can't get it to load anything, my feed, blog, try to post, nothing.
Tried uninstalling and re-installing and still no dice.
Any idea on how to troubleshoot @esteemapp ?

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface

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Plis 500 sbd

Hello, I would like to know how to download esteemapp on my laptop with windows 7 please??

Hi @good-karma, congrats on the update! I reported one problem but it was being resolved :)

ps. I'm not sure if you saw this, but you may find this interesting: Witness of the people, by the people, for the people in which I also mentioned you :) Thanks for your efforts!

HELP....downloaded the app today and got logged in and can see my account ok but when I went to post I get "Fail! You dont have permission!" Any reason why I cannot post from the app?

Thanks for the help!

Thanks you update eSteem Mobile 2.0.9 Android update @good-karma

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