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You did a very good job to develop the amazing application, @good-karma. I always read your post to get more undErstanding on eSteem. Thanks a lot.

Regards from Bireuen, Indonesia.


Great job and information- Always innovative and moving forward.
Have a nice day.
esteem rocks!

Sir, very good information. I like every article I have
Sir, I post you in this app but I can not get upvote in that way and I do not understand the reason for this problem. How can Sir get updates from you and these problems tell me why we are not getting these mistakes, sir, I like you and you This community is very nice Sir please vote for us as well and encourage you to thank you for running steemit Sir.

i am happy to say that i am using this awesome app.
it always provide special attraction for its users.

Nothing but an informative post on esteem I had ever known this for long now, though got introduced to me by a friend but as at then isn't that cool so I had to come back to my browser but with this post I'm seeing it more interesting now that I will damn check for again. Thanks for the update

I love @esteemapp
I always try to use this app dear @good-karma

please my request is visit to my blog

by the hard work of you, esteem surfer become more enrichid & more excellent.some new feature make it more beautifull & more gorgeous.thank you @good-karma sir
@resteem your post

The best infomation

Saya senang dengan layanan ini

Thanks @good-karma. I really enjoy this esteem application. This makes me esteem application easy and convenient.

This post is awesome about of Esteem status page

I always post by using this app.
love you @good-karma for your contenious supprot.

day by day esteem become more updated & more usefull for all members.
thank you @good-karma
we always with you @good-karma

Only a little glitch sir for notifications come late or repeated otherwise a greay app

esteem progression gradually.
i love this app.
i have a problem that i keep posting regularly.
but not seen by you.

This posting is important for me

I must say that you are constantly busy to keep improving your app. Im a proud user of it and its very helpful when im on the go and away from the pc. Thanks for all that you have been doing @good-karma


Very good information. Thank you

great writing about esteem

I'm enjoy using your App Mr. @good-garma
Be success always!

informative post

is very useful and the innovations that eSteem brings have broad benefits for steemit users

great info!!!

The more days I love the features available in the @esteemapp
It's easy to use anywhere and anytime.
Thank you for giving meaning to Steemian especially the new Steemian.

steady stable. hopefully the future #esteem progresses. Regards

Hey tha ks for the info. Am using eSteem to write this comment and still didn't know about this lol. Thanks for the awesome content again!

I don't know why 1.0.6 surfer is not downloading in my laptop.And i want to ask how can i promote esteem app at the end of my posts?


Would you please try to download it from our official website at and let us know if that worked for you?

You can promote eSteem using any of your creative ideas. One thing we could suggest (but not limited to that only) is:

![eSteem Line](
<center>This post was created using
Steem desktop client [**`eSteem Surfer`**]( </center>

It will add to your post:
eSteem Line

This post was created using
Steem desktop client eSteem Surfer


I have tried but its not downloading
I want to add this at the end of my article but how can i copy links?


I think this was created by @horpey, he might have post on his blog about content of this signature so you can copy and paste it in your posts.


thank you :)


@munazza here is link to the signature; open the post and copy the quoted codes to the botton of your subsequent posts.
Click here - eSteem footer
Thanks for using eSteem. Steem on!


thank you :)

Gread info. Thank you good-karma..

The better the features developed by @good-karma.
I always use the esteem app even though I am still a new user in steem.

Did you down image server on purpose so we could see that new status page is not just hardcoded all-green but actually shows real status? Kidding :o) (but the server is really down)

i do apologise for my plagiarised content, i swear i won't repeat it again, plz remove me from blacklist.


Hoping to get an answer for my bug I reported back in May...

Goodmorning. @good-karma
Have a nice day!!😃😃😃

There is progress

Sebuah kemajuan yang luar biasa dari eSteemapp, semoga semakin banyak dicintai orang.

@good-karma I still can't schedule. What is the time set on UTC/ army time?
I have the permissions to granted. Thanks!

Grate this post!😃😃😃

Nice article about steemit

esteem semakin menarik untuk digunakan
Terimakasih @good-karma telah membuat aplikasi yang bagus ini..
Be succes..

this I do is useful did esteem app on Android platform? if it is really helpful for us

very good information...

Hei @good-karma,
The @esteemapp is cool but it needs to be more smooth, enjoying your app.
Thanks for your supports!

Thanks @good-karma and i was vote witness you. Your post make me know about steemit.


di server saya dulu kalau on bertanda" ok" hijau, sekarang selalu tanda x merah, tidak bisa saya ubah lagi ke hijau,namun walau selalu x merah namun signal tetap ok, kalau sudah x merah dulu berarti tidak ada signal, tapi sekarang biar x merah tak terpengaruh, bisa main steemit,dulu kalau x merah tidak bisa lain steemit. saya mau tanya; apa pengaruh
tanda x merah di server saya? tolong bapak feruz beri jawaban, sekian terima kasih.
salam persahabatan demi untuk kemajuan esteem
Sebagian besar waktu layanan kami semua berfungsi dengan baik tetapi untuk kenyamanan Anda, kami telah membuat halaman status di mana Anda dapat memeriksa status secara realtime jika semuanya hijau maka semua fungsi eSteem akan berfungsi dengan baik. Jika sesuatu masih tidak berfungsi sementara semuanya berwarna hijau ini berarti masalahnya bukan pada sisi eSteem tetapi mungkin masalah koneksi atau sesuatu yang lain, yang masih dapat Anda laporkan kepada kami untuk ditindaklanjuti. Kami cukup senang bahwa waktu turun kami di semua layanan kurang dari 1%.

eSteem is the best. hopefully more up front. greetings from Aceh. @good-karma

Hello Friend @good-karma! I wrote for the first time through the application esteem ! Very comfortable! I enjoy it!

Yea esteem app has really helped alot here on the steem platform, it makes it much more easier to do most things here.
Upvoted and resteemed

a good job to develop a loyalty app @ good-karma app. I often post in esteem because of many advantages. Thank you very much @ good-karma for the discussion.

Hi!Can anyone tell me where is voting slider now in eSteem? I'd swear it was on settings page, but its gone