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Why you guys not buying more Steem power ??

Why you guys not trying out the new YouTube the Dtube and Dlive???

STEEM Power = $100 is coming within 18 months. Don’t be too late!!!

It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half. And I believe it’ll take less than 18 months for STEEM to be worth more than $100 because of new innovations like eSteem are keep innovating to onboard new users.



Ya, I also like d idea of Dtube especially, I believe it's going to grow faster than it seems, cos the world is fast developing and soon will be well known and used


Yes! Video content creation will have more demand in the future where most writers are copying article from other sources than creating their own.

Secondly video engagement is more valuable. Look at Snapchat and instagram.

We’re innovativing next generation social media now with Blockchain


Wao, that's going to be awesome, lol, I can already imagine it. Social media is going to have a whole new concept

  ·  4년 전

you are thinking good sir

There are a dozen new steemians ask me, exactly those who have a reputation under 50. "What's up with the esteem? They did not vote for us for the past week, the activity does not look normal as usual, @good-karma just votes to a reputable account above 50, whether esteem has a new policy, because that I know, to get votes from esteem must have a reputation above 31 and has a minimum of 50 words ". hy @good-karma if you have a new policy, please let us know. because if without your support, we are nothing.
Previously I apologize if my language is not understood, because I use google services.


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Downloading. Surfer’s been great! Love it💕


Yeah i particularly like the implementation of the night mode and the zoom in/out feature.


Night mode is the best mode ♥

Glad to know about the new improvements in an awesome esteem app.


this is a great write up, really love to get details from you, please upvote me "@small11"

This app is growing fast. Now update version is very fast and comfortable. Thanks for your hard work. You always make us happy.

Way to go it’s good to see the community stepping up and taking care of its products.

Oh esteem app is amazing
So definitely I’d love to experience to surfing power of the esteem suffer. Amazing initiative @good-karma esteem is exceptional I must confess.

surfers really help me in making posts. Thank you esteem. I like this

vampy love esteem desktop app ^,...,^

wow i wanna try this, thanks @good-karma, truly your a good karma in this community. thanks for developing apps in steemit.

Inwas looking for such app. Thanks!

Thank you very much @good-karma, now I am using esteem because of the night mode, I guess I was one of the firsts to request it... and it is really nice to use esteem on my desktop, I really enjoy it, in fact I am using it now as I write my comment here. Thank you, thanky sir, may you receive a "good karma" today!

I am goin to install this new version of surfer esteem app . It is very beautifull app for rewards.


this is a great write up, really love to get details from you, please upvote me "@small11"

I thank you for the zooming and hotkeys! I haven't tried writing a blog on my phone yet but I know the hotkeys will be very helpful. I'm going to try on my next post. Thank yu!

Still prefer esteem mobile app any time any day


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this is something new to me, now i get this from github, thanks..

Great addition to the esteem app. Bravo @good-karma. I look forward to a type of steem messenger app from ypu guys that will rival whatsapp.

good job i like this thanks for shearng keep it up

eSteem Surfer 1.0.1 Update. Night Mode and other improvements. You have been resteemed by the mystical @resteemmuse

Your post has been really good. I always followed your post. I learned a lot from you that I did not know anyone else. I want to work with you, you help me a lot. @good-karma

new version is very nice and nice we use and @good-karma know what we want you extraordinary @good-karma

NightMode! Awesome!

it is all about a great app. we are lucky to have such type of app. thanks to whole esteem team

This post is important for me, thank you to @good-karma

Good, i like eSteem app.

thank you good karma that has developed steemit, we will always follow you.

Good, i like eSteem app.

eSteem surfer update is important for my eyes

This update surfer is good

many many thanks for this nice project....really helpful for us......nice features and good for pc users.... love you brother 😍 @good-karma

Good articles and benefits for me.

Awesome - Night mode is handy

I am a new steemians, maybe i should study first with you, regards know me..

I am going to download it. Definitely it would be great

thank you, i will learn it....

This sounds so wonderful that I am tempted to go buy a laptop! But no, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that you guys come up with something for my Chromebook or do something web based!


Web based version is in progress also. But for now can you use Android version of eSteem on your Chromebook? I've heard there is a possibility to install Linux apps there as well. Is that true?


In the Google play store it tells me that my 'device isn't compatible with this version' when I try to load the Android version. I'll try the Linux app. But really, I'm quite content with using esteem on my phone. I'm not complaining and am happy to wait for the web version! ❤

Good-karma makes the price continues to be interesting. May God always give you health, so that other people can always help from you.

I had not known this application but by a great coincidence because I ran into you, I will approve this application to see what it is but seeing only the appearance you see that it is very good and quite easy to use so I will try it.

Just found this out, I need to try this! Glad that finally the desktop version is available too. Good job Team!

Thank you for making writing on Steem easy! I'm so excited to get some more done now that previewing my work is now effortless.

this is very useful and helpful to all of us @ good-karma

thank you for the information, i will give it a try

good post @good-karma
I'm a new user in steemit. Regards @edmy10

Will give a try. esteem mobile consumes a lot of battery. But the desktop client could be interesting


i hope you enjoy to use eSteem surfer 1.0.1

thanks information

In a new nuance, it's great ..
I think it needs the same application on Esteem Mobile so that its users can feel the same comfort.


eSteem is very helpful to you and makes you all comfortable when using it

This is very interesting. How to save an automated account like in mobile. Because I already posted one. But after I get out in this longer pasword request is complicated in my opinion..

good application sir, thank you for sharing it master.

Apps that are waiting by pc users, great apps. Thank you @good-karma

I have download previous version. Really it is a good application. Now I a'm downloading new version. I hope it will best than previous version. @good-karma


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how to upload images on desktop sufer, I have not understand


You can drag and drop image file in that window or you can click image button which is in the left sidebar the one just before last button with chain.

P. S. But looks like you are using outdated version. It has a bug with image uploading. Update to 1.0.1 for a fix.


Copy the picture and paste it there @saiful.nizam


Just tap on the image icons there. It pretty easy, just look carefully or rather, zoom in.. The new improvement does that 😀

  ·  4년 전

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I am using esteem mobile,but I want to use the desktop version.few times I tried to download the exe file but it's it ok or only I am facing the problem?

I am using esteem mobile,but I want to use the desktop version.few times I tried to download the exe file but it's it ok or only I am facing the problem?

the app ia really friendly

its amazing, it will be amazing to use it

Terima kasih @good-karma...
Saya tunggu support anda untuk Saya 🙏🏻

Terima kasih @good-karma saya akan mencoba mengunduh versi terbaru

Wow I love the new improvement. I'm surely gonna try it out.


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hey it's great job thank you so much.

Great, gonna download this app!

Kudos to esteem..... It a great improvement, thanks for the enlightenment

steem is really awasome. i work here from a long days ago

steem is really awasome. i work here from a long days ago

steem is so powerful...

I love esteem.
And always stay here.
Bravi esteemapp @good-karma

Really nice additions. I would love to use it for making posts but I am really missing a spell checker. Hopefully this is in the pipeline.

this great app, i've tried it. thank you for sharing @good-karma


Thanks for using eSteem and do join us on our discord :) - eSteem Discord

A nice idea, we can use your daily publications on this subject, to be certain to make the right decision.....

This is freakin' cool!

it's a great post that you share with all my steemans. I am very grateful because the post is very useful for all steemian all amen thank you for posting.

Congratulations @good-karma!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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We need more people to be BRAVE like you and speak out about this..

Very cool update for batmans 🤗🤗

That’s was quick @good-karma, thanks for the night mode update.

Posted using Partiko iOS, join the beta testing program here

good tool to the esteemit community it makes life more efficient

I'll try this new good version of eSteem app.🎿

Thanks for sharing good information about eSteem App.
Take Care.
Bless you.🙏

Thanks for informations

When steem update available in android & IOS @good-karma

Like I said in one of your posts earlier, esteem mobile (which I am quite used to) is a blast, checking this Windows client, I am wowed.
@good-karma, you are really a good karma for us, steemians.
Keep on winning, keep on shining

Interesting post friend good job congratulations

You got a 36.73% upvote from @botcoin courtesy of @infoslink!

Keep the update rolling!
The steem platform is HOT!!!!

  ·  4년 전

Thanks for your review! @ ! very good work.:)

thanks for the information .. i want to share it.

Is the comments bugg you're referring to when somebody clicks on a reply to one of their comments, and instead of taking them right there, it jumps to the bottom of the page?

why now @good-Karma and bot other didn't mengupvote we our account small again, I fear everyone syang have an account small as I do not use jaja steemit again because of upvote of a tag esteem or steemit we do not get again. our as waste now, we don't enthusiasm again, what else price SBD now very weak, I need help US because steemit is that helps our economy to eat daily 😢


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The Night surfer is so great!

hi @good-karma, it's been a few days you did not come to my post, most of my post using esteem application, I really hope you come. thanks a lot, your application is very amazing.


Thanks for using eSteem. Do join us on eSteem Discord & do read rule channel!


thanks @jznsamuel has responded to my comments, I have joined in discort, hopefully I go ahead and grow together #esteem.

I always preferred the night mode. Looks much better with green than the white one

I want to let you know, I'm having a bit of trouble uploading personal photos in eSteem Surfer, images I want to upload from my personal files. but on eSteem surfer can only provide link source images. I just want to show this to you. thanks, i like eSteem.


Have you updated to 1.0.1? Try to drag and drop image file in post creation window.


I'm downloading this version.


Let us know if the bug has gone for you at 1.0.1 please

Thank you for improvement him.

I really hope you can visit the blog and give the award so I'm excited about finding good photos to share in steemit.

Sometimes I almost desperate because you haven't seen posts me for a long time.


Thanks for using eSteem! Join us on eSteem Discord and don't forget to read the rule channel ...

hello good karma There is a big account in your account, you earn a lot of money from here, I also want to create a big account like my account, so that you help me @good-karma

felicitaciones por su trabajo, Soy Venezolano, espero visite mis post y contar con su ayuda, buenas noches, saludos.

Fantastic post friend

Incredibly, Esteem is getting more interesting. May you ( @good-karma ) and your esteem team always be given health. God bless you & team.

i'll download it as soon as possible.

Excellent post thanks for sharing

thank you very much

thank you for doing this update, what you do will make it easier for us @good-karma

Just used it. Good easy to use app. Great work.

STEEM Power = $100 is coming within 18 months. Don’t be too late!!!

It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half. And I believe it’ll take less than 18 months for STEEM to be worth more than $100 because of new innovations like eSteem are keep innovating to onboard new users.


new pricing applications are encouraging and also provide a new spirit for us. thank kadih has shared useful things. Warm regards.

Thanks for the update. Keep it coming, the changes are well received!

The app is very good but little buggy

Perhaps a tiny glitch, not sure:

Previously set to CNY, and updating made the CNY reflect USD prices. restarted twice and it fixed, so no biggy =)

I like this because it does not make me uncomfortable at night

Good job @good-karma to update this applications

Thank you for that update!!
It´s so important to keep this alive and with the further development, this platform and its technology will rise and grow.

I´m happy to be a part of that.

I have regularly posted from esteemapp i love so much that i always use esteemapp and i did not know that i have learned a lot from this post i follow you because i.
have a nice day sir.


Your eSteem mobile application is outdated. Check for the new version. There are lots of improvements.


thank you sir. i am trying esteemapp new virsion download.

Wow - Psy like this. This is very cool. 👁️ Do you have a video demo that Psy can show to others. Psy is slightly nervous to download anything from the internet - even with open source code available. Psy can not read code, but is learning. Thanks!!!!

hi dear @good-karma. i am new here. i am happy with you for many followers. thank you for Posts. i will this later to study. but I have another question, is it ok to ask the question?you are doing something right that you have so many followers, right? what do you do, i want to learn? thanks dear @good-karma


Thanks for using eSteem and do join us on our discord :) - eSteem Discord


thank you dear @jznsamuel . I did not expect you to answer so fast.
I joined the eSteem Discort channel, thank you very much!!!!

Sounds good features in it, from now i am going to post my blog by eSteem

With this new version I can easily read and chat my life easier thanks to you @good-karma


Enjoy eSteem and do join us on our discord :) - eSteem Discord

many many thanks 😊😊

Wow where have I been that I totally missed all the excitment around this :) need to check it out. Although i do the majority of my use on mobile :)

Good job @good-karma , to update this applications :)


that would be a great app when would be its release date?

Great! More improviment.

omg nice! I didn't know about this app!, i'm going right now to download it in my iphone! hahaha :D


Enjoy eSteem and do join us on our discord :) - eSteem Discord


Excellent!.. of course I will! :D bye

yes i am like you idea
and concertbis very awesome and most atractive things and goood for activites .... tnx for u

go ahead and esteem

interesting. hope it for better surfing, the aiming of attaining the best among the best. love it. keep on and its cool.

Thank you good-karma, you are very concerned about us your loyal followers.

Good post
Please vote my post

This just for pc computer version right ??? when we got new version for android / IOS. I think eSteem Ver 1.6.0 a little heavy. maybe a little improvement in the bux part. Thank you

I hope that you will flourish with more bright ideas with regards to esteem app development @good-karma and I hope that many people would follow your footsteps as well. Thank you and God bless.

Hello, excellent update of the graphic interface @ good-karma, I think it will greatly benefit those who have problems in sight. At least, I like that it helps me to read and write, it has helped me to better visualize the messages and their readings. My respects for your talent.

eSteem application iPhone 5S bug,

I do not go back into the comments section of the posts.

Please fixed, thanks @good-karma @smartsteem

Thank you for update aplication.

continue to work esteem

Before I could write about what I'm missing in version 1.0.0 you've managed to add pretty much all I wanted in this version :o)
The one thing I'm sure is possible, but I haven't found it in the app, is to specify which of multiple linked pictures is to be used as miniature on the left side of the post. I mean if I link more than one picture/video the first one is by default used in the brief version showing in all lists of posts - what if I wanted to use the other picture? Such feature would make most sense for someone who always starts his posts with the same (a logo perhaps) and pictures that are actually relevant to the content of the post come later.
Also two bugs:

  • posting key is enough to do "follow" action, but the app claims I need to log with active key
  • when I go to my comment it shows with different color on yellowish background - the problem is that text color changes in night mode but background does not, which makes the text completely unreadable

good to know that I ope it will be better in future and this tge best for everyone...

Thank you for information

Nice post, briliant

Nice updates, but the client still freezes when I post or navigate articles.

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i am a regular user of @esteem-app, i love this app, but some times i face always same problem when i post & try to upvote my own post it failure in 1st try, next time it done rightly.
always best wisher for esteem app.
thanks a lot @good-karma for your support all time

awesome contributor in steemit. always appreciatable

i am regular user of esteem, i am happy to part of that

i have tried esteem app on my computer but not yet able to operate, roughly what is the constraint

with the existence of esteemapp for my computer so more spirit to contribute with esteem

Good good good.what news

Good job...!!!
hi friends, why have you rarely given upvote to esteem users recently, what's happening and what's the new rule?
please info


Waiting for the battery to recover :) and yeah, trying to give upvotes for better content so just check out latest post about rewards and continue steeming :)


Join us on the discord and real the rules channel - eSteem Discord


I have joined the name zein, thanks for the information friend

Here is the translated Indian(Hindi)version of this blog for all the Steemit Indian users:

Thanks to @good-karma and @esteemapp team for the permission to translate this.

good post,and people who contribute to the community should be encouraged,come on.