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Yes @good-karma, you must definitely keep posting about the esteem development progress and keep us updated about the upcoming development...esteem app Rocks!


yes ,, I can not get into #esteem.
is there a problem with @esteem?

Thanks @good-karma


no esteem works fine

I like to see some of the post text in the feed so I get a bit more idea if what is about. It looks like there's some spare screen space for that.


This is a very good point.

It could say that "no esteem, no steemit", because esteem is the best and convenience app forever.
It's flexible and it help me easily using.
And I ever want to say that your face expression is perfect matching with your name >> @good-karma .
I like that name and that expression too as it alive. 👍👍
In burmese, you are really "Yadanar" , means "Treasure".

Hi dear

I am very thankful of your upvoting my posts.

I am from iran. I will be glad if I could do anything to improve the steem platform.

I am layman, less able to interpret and retrieve the essence of the above conversation.
But in general I conclude that the above chats are discussions for improving the quality of eSteem services in the future.

And this is news I always look forward to, because anyone would want to enjoy improving the quality in any form, especially about the size of the Application Files that are very influential on the speed of connection and interaction.

But BTW eSteem applications that have been there now is good enough, but anyone would want the best.
Thanks a lot @good-karma
eSteem is the Best Choice

I am very supportive and happy when the future looks better esteemapp.
because I am a loyal user esteemapp

Very useful to enjoy. You exert a tremendous ability to esteem. We are very satisfied @good-karma. Thank you for notifying us. Successful endless greeting for you.

These contributions are the ones that are really needed in steemit, publications that
provide something good .... You have my congratulations, keep it up.

I recently download esteem app, that app is very usefull.

@good-karma i have problem with @esteemapps for my android mobile, beside there isfor android V5 and to long acces open with my mobile phone android.

Futhermore, i hope the developer can fix it.
anyway for UI, i like.


Very good effort Mr. @good-karma and @dunsky, the pink of wallpaper is rather bad view and blurring the original color of Pict. I am very happy to know that this application will be completed bell as aware when new personal feed come in. I very appreciate you effort even though will not be tackled in short time. What have been doing by you is care to users. Weldone to esteemapp team. Thanks
Sincere: @rikaz87.

hopefully you succeed, I really like the system that you apply. my young life can be as great as you someday. my greetings to you @good karma

It's a good improvement but im looking forward to install esteem on my computer. it's easier for me to work on steemit by computer than phone.

I am proud of you, because you are so great in the world of steemit, from the pictures you post, very good, in explaining the picture is also very organized, I am happy if you take the time to go to account @zayanfaruk, what else if you want to give me upvote , hopefully you become a successful person for all ages, go ahead never give up, ok. thanks.

Good post.GOOD KARMA

Luar biasa, aplikasi esteem sangat bermanfaat dalam membuat postingan ke steemit, khususnya seperti saya, yang membuat postingan lewat handphone (HP).

Thanks U @good-karma karena telah menciptakan aplikasi dan memudahkan dalam membuat postingan steemit lewat HP.

BEST REGRAD FROM : @aminnullah

so good

Can enyone tell me how I can install esteem app?????

informasi bagus untuk posting ini,,
Dapat jadi pelajaran buat saya

Thanks sharing:)
Please vote my blog.

Hello @good-karma!
I can only speak for myself but I'm happy to see a post like this because this means you guys are working on resolving these issues.
I've been planning to make a post about the issues I'm having on eSteem but I'm pretty new here and didn't want to seem ungrateful or you to think I'm making negative publicly.
I love eSteem and happy to know you are working on it. Keep up the good work and let me know if you need any feedback!


Any feedback is always appreciated, Erikah!


Actually I wrote in my latest article about why one should try and would love eSteem app, and some ideas on how to improve it. The article was submitted to participate in the ongoing contest.

This is what I have in mind:

  • showing the exact date of posts' rather than 'some days ago'
  • support each account to have more than one draft at a time
  • improve search feature
  • a UNDO button

And I love the idea of post's text preview (in home / trending section), maybe in 5 or 7 lines.


Thanks sharing..

excellent service always pay attention to appreciate the user esteem. thank you @good-karma


I have installed

what is good-karma say i agree all hopefully go well i like what good-karma say.

This is interesting. I cant wait to c what d new tweak and update within the esteem app would n. Thanks @good-karma for constantly thinking about the well beign of steemians and the improvement of steemit at large. Thanks once more @good-karma

I have been using esteem for most of my post. I love the “schedule” feature. I thought it was brilliant. And i am just as excited to see these new “tweaks”.

And yeah, story posts about the development would be great. Feels like eavesdropping but really isn’t. LoL!

I feel a pleasure using eSteem, this makes it easier for me to activate my post. whatever the development of this application of course I also support it for the better. thank you @good-karma

Great work. The bell and the search icons are big for sure,can you make them small. Can you also put options to change the font size too and what about the themes and stuff. Anyways I appreciate your efforts to make esteem better.

yes ,, I can not get into #esteem.
is there a problem with @esteem?

Thank you @good-karma


eSteem works fine.

Do not be discouraged my brother, your hard work is incredible, all your thoughts and efforts are very useful for all people on earth, keep on working and be the best, we really support you

Please improve speed and stability, i think esteem Will be better..thanks @good-karma

It's nice to read. It's nice that eSteem's graphic work is still being taken.
up vote :)

Keep on esteem on.

Very Nice...

like... vote my please.

It looks like this is going on well, hopefully this week is going to be better than the previous one because the market is going very well nowadays.

Thanks for your share :)

Very nice..
Vote saya ya.. thanks..

It's nice to see the dev chat - at least we understand why you decided to make those UI changes and can comment on them... and BTW that darker blue and removed line look good - keep going

This Nice Post Sir! 👍👍👍

good apps i like it easy to use thank you for sharing

Yes!! that overlay pink colour on coverpicture ...kill it 😁👍

great job well done sir @good-karma

App is running like a charm! It is The only way I access steemit now....

this is very remarkable and interesting hopefully fore the application of esteem growing and progressing.
I am very confident with this..
Thanks you very much to my senior @good-karma

I hope you find the answers that trouble,, I believe the problems find solution, because this world is relation, fundamentally. with your relation, we believe there someone to help you. keep fighting, keep spirit @good-karma. we appreciate what u do. best regard.

I do not understand much in the application program, I am just a faithful user of esteem and what is done by esteem hopefully better future

Great job, nice to see you guys working day in day out to improve @esteemapp.

Looking good! I do wish there was a setting to turn off the "No Image" Whale, and just show the title, and the first sentences of the the post instead. Scrolling through a feed is repetitive, and doesn't add much value to show a larger unrelated graphic for the content.

Looking good!

good news, but my post no vote from developer sad news 😀

I am happy with the update in esteem @good-karma

Upvote and Resteem, Thanks For Sharing. @good-karma

Nice post @good-karma, please upvote back mi, please

Terimakasih kepada penulis pos ini

Terimakasih bagi kurator nya

sir i need your answer. how much steem id use in one device

whay i want to say is..
sometimes when i post via esteem and use some scribt codes. it looks good in esteem but in looks messy.

i m very thankful of your upvoting my posts

good post-good karma thank you very much has my vote post

  ·  4년 전

I am one of the new followers in the @ good-karma steemit, please support you so I can survive in this platform,
Thank you for your support @ good-karma

Thank you @ good-karma, your support is always I need, because you are the only kind-hearted whale who will support me who is still a small fish.

Nice 😊
oh esteem very good application

Postingan ini sudah saya resteem

Thank for information..good post


very good writing, keep working and motivating each other.
semoga bisa lebih bermanfaat .


your the best

i like it your posting

it is your the best
please follow me @anzeli

Some of the images look exactly like the UI on Honestly, I don't mind Steemit the way it is, but whatever improvements you guys can offer would be cool.


bereh that ngen..kiban lawet nyoe na can inan.hahah
nyan bahasa aceh

really very good post (good-karma)thanks

@dunsky: God, this pink background overlay makes me crazy by the way!
😁 I agree with @dunsky 😁

I think making a post about chat like that is great, so the users of esteem app know about esteem app development.

Steem On!

Nice fery good job@good-karma

Wow amazing @good-karma always make a new project for the steemian thank you very much for all hope steemit life always 🙏

Terima kasih Banyak @good-karma.

a good dialogue, exchange opinions about the look of the application, the application may eSteem's self-esteem grows and can always stay up-to-date.

a good dialogue to find a solution to make application eSteem,

Good i like

information that educates for me as a beginner steemian, thanks @good-karma, from @mukhtarilyas

I registered as a steemit user only a week ago. I tried this app and have been loving it, especially the bookmark feature
Keep up the good work guys!!!


Don't mind @good-karma

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Wow good... I here please come to my world


And where is that, btw.

esteem devolepment was goodnews for steemit future

that's a great conversation, I agree with the changes on the look of the back pats that look pink on our own yard. and for the next I strongly agree with your opinion. this is incredible brother...
Best regards: @jubagarang.

  ·  4년 전

Yes @ good-karma, esteem is really a very worthy social media to sustain, I really hope esteem can last forever.

I really follow with diligence @ good-karma, esteem is social media that very clearly useful for me, I think esteem will always triumph in cyberspace, thanks @ good-karma.


Congratulations @good-karma!
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Your post Good


More please, kind sir.

Hopefully this project can be successful friends and can be used perfectly oleg other steemian friends. because usually more steemians are using esteem. thanks friends for his work that is beneficial to all of us.

Good post, thank for support and information ..

good job @good-karma kenalkan nama saya @arisviyo I steemit indonesia

@good-karma Success is always steemit, and always a place to expand our horizons.

hello @good-karma, I am @rejelinge from indonesia and I am a student as well as an arabica coffee farmer. I hope you guys want to visit my blog thanks you guys always in the success.


we all love esteem app 😍😍

esteem makes it easier to write and post on blogs. Thank you very much

Oh,Great!You are a king of ours.That is a great idea for all and update time to time. Anyway,Thank you so much to use about esteem and apppears others.

What do you say, guys? Shall we continue such a story posts about eSteem development from time to time?


Please add few lines for post preview. And can it show the exact post's time (date and hour), maybe?

Amazing thank you

esteem is amazing, thanks @good-karma already present esteem

your post is very good

Good post, thank for information, @good-karma

Nice writing i like it....

Thank you post

Thank you for always support me .. success for you

Thanks for visiting my account @good-karma. The application you created is very useful. Hopefully you are more successful 👍

good ... nice post

I like post

Thats amazing you know. I want know more. Maybe that app make simply to active on steemit. Next time i must try apps

Thank for information.. this good post

hi,,, good karma!!
I am from aceh .. hopefully with this friendship brotherhood we are getting closer yes.

It's cool to have a periodical update of what you guys are improving!!
keep up the good work!

yes,,,!! fery good,

Hello Karma How r u Pls Vote me and follow me pls

Hello Karma How r u Pls Vote me and follow me pls

I'm struggling with a problem, can't make the notification settings to stick! No matter what I do, it jumps back to no notification! So I have no notifications for days now. Can you help me with this?

Postingan bagus...

thank information

Helow @good-karma ...
I am fascinated with the latest updates of the apps esteem, because I am a fan of esteem apps in total, and always make posts via app.
But what makes me wonder, why upvote from you every user who uses the application is no longer evenly distributed.

Please make me understand with this reality, I am a little surprised by your performance like this ...

Is this a recent breakthrough in mr @good-karma esteem ya, if memang true I am more excited to invite friends can like and happy with this steemit world

Nice post


very good writing, keep working and motivating each other.