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I'm just curious what kind of posts search will pick under the tabs "Best" and "Relevance"!?!
I mean, does the search just pick the data from Steemit "Hot," "Trending," and similar or it lists posts by some other criteria???

In the last screenshot I can see e.g. teamfearless' post ranking at the second position, and in between two better paid, more upvoted and commented posts. This raises my hopes that there could be some different kind of criteria involved. If that's true, I would like to know them, if possible.


We will make another more technical post in few days about algorithm details and guide for developers and users.


Thank you very much for the reply!

Wow, this is working really great. Well done! =)

I ask again: Why is the text so small in the Android app? You can barely read articles.


We are working new version of eSteem Mobile app, please bear with us until next release, this will be solved! Thank you for your comment and feedback!


@good-karma bro there is esteem for win32bits?


I just downloaded an app available for Steem It, but its horrible to type your Password even... This took me 20 Minutes to type my password in between the ads... & The worse part is when I ended up entering & pressed Sign In, The result was.... Incorrect Password.... Uuuuuufffffff... I barely stopped myself throwing my phone... Instead uninstalled the app... It was like I have downloaded an app for ads & in between that I am getting a chance of seeing steem it... please fix it...

This is a beautiful project that has been long due. #STeem is taking over everywhere. Thank you @good-karma and the entire esteem team for your contributions.

However, could we earn some coins using #esteem-search? Think about integrating some rewards package to this. With this we can overtake google.

Best regards.



eSteem Search - will be focusing on content discovery through search, we don't have plans on extending it beyond that functionality yet. But all of our products, eSteem Surfer, eSteem Mobile and eSteem Web will be using this search engine behind the scenes.

#eSteem Search i like that name and the idea behind it.

I hope this project will be finished quickly, so that we can make it easier for users of esteem

Great initiative dear @good-karma. Thanks for this.

Very beautiful project I like this post I appreciate your valuable post thanks for sharing this beautiful development

That means I can simply be able to search for anything easily on the steem blockchain. All hands on desk, waiting for it to roll out. This is really nice

Ohhhh That's a cool function! Can't wait till it release and could be used in the app. Word search in page would be so cool as well! <3

A program that is very good and very helpful in the world of platforms, hopefully what is expected should be achieved. 👍👍👍

Wow its amaizing features for us. I feel proud as a part of @esteemapp, every day i post on use this app thanks @good-karma for your exelency..

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I hope you integrate it in the esteem apps and not leave it as a separate thing

  ·  3년 전

Great work. The avhievement is a great one sir. Keep the light on @good-karma

Thank you so much :)

Hehehe 😂 made my day. But most of the time people ask the wrong question. Better question is: How hard must I work, to become a millionaire?!
@good-karma I think, now is the time to start using esteem app 🤘
Cool staff 👌

We wait for it..

Can we earn any rewards for searching?

Now this is what I will enjoy.. I like searching :)

Woww..good projects sir @good-karma, good project, hopefully this will be successful..😊

This is badly needed. The current search engine on steemit is terrible and not fit for purpose at all. Nice job.

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Every Crazy Steemitians are waiting for @eSteemit search engine and there are many Decentralised Search Engines are here. I thinks times are gone for "Google/Yahoo/Bing" otherwise existing search engines should change with decentralisation era.

Nice post like

New , but again if it is from steem then it should be promising , because steem is competing with GOOGLE who is father in this field

Will it index all sites, or just steemit websites (content)?

Fantastic! This is what the Steem blockchain needs. Just don't become another Google! (ie please don't track people or put the corporates first.)

This is really awesome project...

thanks all very good ideas

This is exciting development for steem and eSteem

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Wee nice post

This is awesome. Well done. Would love to get more info on the meta elements for indexing, as well as a guideline on content indexing, ie keywords, and the weight each factor carries..

Wow, this is amazing, great work @good-karma!

can't wait for this new project.

  ·  3년 전

Hey @good-karma, I just found a little bug. You can't search for the percentage sign % , you just get a blank page.

A welcome development. I am waiting for the testing mide to be activated. Thank You

  ·  3년 전

This is going to be really useful to me, needed a decent comment search.

I'm a new steemit user.
I will do vote and comment for everyone.
I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!

Do you guys ever sleep? You impress me over and over again! This will be so useful for everyone!

Thanks for the work, thank you!

Looking forward to it, we need a decent search engine on Steem!

Congrats, this post is featured on my news show (in Chinese :D) today.


Hey Joy... Thanks for mention, it is alive right now as an alpha release: check it out and let us know how it works for you. We will add more user tips and documentation for developers in coming weeks.


Cool, I'll test it and keep the updates reported on my news show :D
Search engine on Steem is certainly cool.

To meet it, you first need to search for it...


What main difference between this search and Google search which is integrated at SteemIt?
For what we need one more search engine? What benefits?
Thank you


eSteem Search only searches for posts and comments from Steem blockchain!


But this one:
Also search only in Steem blockchain...

good-job good-karma, doing this for the good-people. Gonna drop this good-info into some good-communities.


Thank you! Appreciate dropping by github other day, keep them coming


Pleasure, keep up the useful work for the platform.


It's karma :)


Keep up the good work bro! Amazing development with this project over time. :)


Thank you, appreciate the comment, see you soon at SteemFest! :)

I'l definitely be testing this out. Don't worry.

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So this news came to me by surprise because just recently I thought about an avenue where I can search for stuffs on the steemit blockchain without having to navigate google, to and fro. Thanks @good-karma You really are doing a good job.

We are always looking forward to these good projects. Adding the functionality of a specialized search engine is great. Congratulations

You guys are amazing @good-karma. Good development, you are going places.

Really thanks you for all your great work @good-karma as witness and for this amazing application that is @esteem ! I appreciate it everyday !

Thanks also for your awesome support that motivate me to grow in the Steem environnement !

I wish you a super nice weekend !


very good

all the tools you are creating and improving for steem are awesome, that's why I keep voting for you for more than a year now, I'm also happy about the hard fork and you can take a look at my post here : The positive side of Hard Fork 20 !

So cool how many new things are being invented for the Steem Block Chain! Thanks for posting comprehensible articles for newbies like me :)

This is a terrific feature! @good-karma
The other search within Steemit is clumsy and you have to copy/paste what you were searching for or retype every single time.

Congratulations @good-karma!
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