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So this will be quite outstanding and revolutionary idea for everyone who believes in good-karma maybe it's an opportunity.

Hopefully this will be a very amazing and revolutionary idea for all steemit users people will believe in good karma, maybe this is an opportunity for steemit users.

Great initiative @good-karma , this may definitely boost esteem app usage...

thanks for share info i hope you support me

Has the ios version been fixed , I remember telling you I had issues before

Hey @good-karma really you gaved me a hope in my critical suituation. Thanks for the wonderful app and curation trail. 😍😘

steem is very very powerful platfoen than facebook ect .. good artical

Beautiful logo ,

Up voted.

  ·  3년 전

Enlightenment a very nice with all kinds of surfer, very useful for me as plangton thank you Sir @good-Karma

ALready downloaded Esteem window app.....That's simply amazing ..thank you for this great contribution @good-karma

Esteem is the best! Encouragement program is an amazing program. Glad to see more and more curators joined.

I wish you good luck @good-karma with his new team that is not his name here hopefully in good health.

thank you for this very important information .. @good-karma and your team have given our best esteem users, success always @good-karma

I am really grateful of eSteem app. I am using it from the very start. So easy for me to create blogs. 😀 Thank you @good-karma for the amazing app. 😀 God bless the team.

Congratulation to all who got selected...👍

Nice info, I hope all steemfriends want to make interesting post and upload their post on esteem or esteem surfer..

more curators means more good work

Thank you sir @good-karma for your very good information. this is a great news for us!! You always give us something good. Thank you sir @good-karma

yes @ good-karma every artiakel very many languages are in use with a variety of languages so that every article is very many languages including my language because i am from aceh indonesia but with no idea that is very unbelievable thanks @ good-karma

congratulations to selected curators, hopefully to meet expectations @ good-karma. continued success sir @good-karma

I want to post an esteem all the time, but still, my language can be wrong in the Bengali but posting in English, even then there is not a point from posting, because votes are received two days later, but in some days the votes were not received for some days Come on, come to you in front of you @good-karma

Oohh.. That's why I got your votes on my last 2 post, I didn't realise about this Curation trail before. I am a bit shocked when I saw who voted my uncategorized post. Thank you anyway.

Does anyone know why can't I add any gif footer by selecting them instead of copying the link like adding the image via esteemapp mobile? Please take my apologies for being too ignorant about the application update 😥, I still have a problem when trying to use eSteem surfer too, it stops working before it completely set up 😑

This is great, I really support your project.

Dear Sir @good-karma

I see a bright spot (solutions to problems) with your post sir @good-karma. Curator is the answer for user of esteem application. It may be done based on hastag or country background, because another problem is the language problem of grammar. English is not the mother tongue for esteem users around the world, Especially Indonesia and Aceh. Thank you so much and good luck for selection of curator of eSteem. :)

Exactly the steps you take @good-karma it's all for quality improvement of eSteem members posts. I will always make quality posts every day through your eSteem application. And you can ask your curator team to see the quality of my posts .. hehe.

Thanks you very much sir for your support to us

Warm regards from ACEH

By @rijalaronaceh

thanks for you mr @good-karma, support from you very positive, happy to join in esteem

thank you @good-karma
for information and enlightenment, I've found a bright spot now

this is the answer to a myriad of questions asked to me by Steemian who uses your app "why do not they get upvote from you?".
I am very satisfied with your answers and evaluations for choosing a curator this week. May esteem grow in the future and better still. Thanks @good-karma

thats cool @ good-karma ......keep it up

5 out 50 were chosen as curators, that was tough.
Thanks for always giving us update on your project sir

esteem ,,, hope you are healthy always

Very valuable brother @ good-karma, hopefully more successful brother @ good-karma.

Weldone @good-karma doing wonderful work in our ecosystem.....

  ·  3년 전

I really agree with the content of this post, if we want a better upvote, then we should use more time to create a very good content rather than asking for a voice from @good-karma.
Not just writing or sending links to get upvote but learn to write a better and useful course.
Thank you for entering it

hopefully can run well. congratulations to people already lucky hopefully we become the spirit to the better

Artikel yang sangat bagus sobat..

Voted you as my witness hoping i will also have good karma😊😊😊

I also like your pronyek is good

thank you @ good-karma, steemit, the more glorious, of course with you, @ naniresteem01.sangat hope to be part of your group, thanks,🐳🙋

wow...wounderful post thanks dear sir,

I think this is a great idea that you apply. Now a lot of posts that are not good get the sound, sometimes also, it's a picture not his own in the post.

Thank you

I personally really like the latest #esteem program, because it teaches me how to make better posts than ever before, the apps that are being released are now getting ahead, and maybe the future will be more advanced. Thank you for your attention @ good-karma that we always get your reply.👍👍👍

Thank you sir @good-karma. For now the apps of esteem have not been overtaken by other apps. the esteem is very nice

Thank you so much, @good-karma and teams. We will be more creative with this new regulation, because to reach good result we must work hard then the result will be good too. I glad using #esteem app 🌫❤❤❤❤❤🙏

Awesome! Just found you while browsing the Witness list. I must say looking at what all you guys been up to I am excited to see this project growing. I am new on the platform but diving in fully and commiting for the long haul. I see the value here and want to give back from the start. I have some fun things coming that will help other creators.

Congratulations to selected curators, Hopefully can keep the trust given.
Thanks for @good-karma & Team Esteem

Congratulation to all who got to selected curators :)

@good-karma we don't talk enough anymore. But I am following your great example. Build a good app, care about your users, the work you do, and it will all pan out in the end.

You have proven a great lesson to developers and I admire that all the hours and days you spend (and continue to spend) proves that hard work does pay off. :)

We'll talk more in the future.

I can already see the initiative taking place on some of my friends who had been using the tools. Thanks for the help guys and congratulations to the new hands on deck.

we are very excited about the initiative from @good-karma

It's very warm for new comers like me, good work!

congratulations to @dunsky, New Curators to support eSteem users

esteem community is getting more solid with his @dunsky as new curator, thank you to @good-karma

I will look forward to your new content

Hahahaha good idea ..... i agree. if you write their name here I will also be busy sending a link for them

"extraordinary beautiful brothers @ good-karma.

I really really like your post @good-karma.

It could make me feel very convenient ! thanks!
wanna see good future!

congratulations to who, elected hopefully can give the best, #esteem okay!

hello, sorry to bother, I am here just want to suggest a feature for esteem application, after two days usage, I think, I have not found any translator feature for every post. As we know, esteem has many post with various languages ​​in it. Its a good thing, if we can understand the language conveyed by the post. Hopefully my advice can be accepted. Thanks before ! ;)

a very useful post for those of us who do not know about upvote but we keep the spirit to raise a better post @good-karma

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and you have inspired me, so in your honor I created this masterpiece goodkarma.png

As well as your ode here

Yours Always

good job Mr

eSteem has been doing very good with the stability with the pat updates. :) thank you so much and to your team for this super useful app.

Hey, @good-karma! Long time, no talk! Hope you are well.
Just curious, what is the current beneficiary weight that Esteem holds? Is it still 5% or has that increased? I can't, for the life of me, find it anywhere. lol

A posting is awesome

Good explanation

On my mobile I always use esteem, and lately I am absolutely not sorry i do so! Thank you very much for the times you visited my blog. Very appreciated

Yes @good-karma, That is the problem of all people... And I admit, not all people can do a very good article. As we aware that English is not the first language or mother tongue of other steemians like me. Grammar is the problem... (^_^) But maybe exceptional is advise! (^ _^)


That's why we have selected curators from different background and countries


Great! I like what you are doing and the idea! May God bless and more success!

Good news for all steemians

Esteem is the best steem development in the ecosystem.. With a world class witness.

@good-karma well done.

I'm Happy with the curator development.

Great news...!
Hope with these new curators there will be more quality contents in this lovely Steemit community...

Have a lovely day, dear @good-karma
And hope you will always be happy & healthy there...🥂☕❤

@good-karma all the best 👌

buen trabajo,soy venezolano en busqueda de apoyo y aporte en esta plataforma ya que ando buscando ingresos para sobrevivir la crisis porque no hay trabajo y el que tengo es de 5 dolares mensuales ,saludos

I think lately a load of Dutch people joined, now I will be able to talk about all your possibilities in my own language that will make things so much easier. I thank you for your great service.

Has the ios version been fixed , I remember telling you I had issues before

@good-karma is the best 😂😂😂

@good-karma is the best 😂😂😂

@good-karma is the best 😂😂😂

@good-karma ia the best...👍👍👍👍

@good-karma ia the best...👍👍👍👍

Wow, very good then. Esteem is increasingly used among steemitns

Really a precious step,
I always respect your job dear @good-karma
god bless you.
@resteemed your post to present you dear.