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The simplicity is nice; I hope there is night mode too!

Great to see these innovative developments still happening...

wow thanks for your huge contribution. First esteem app for cellphone now esteem for PC/Mac.

eSteemapp was really amazing with alot of features. I really love esteem app because i can handle multiple account at same time without any problem.
Other feature of esteem i like the most is give upvote of you own choice but increasing or decreasing your voting power even you don,t have 500 steempower.

due to these and other feature i love to use this app but using esteem on cellphone was little bit tough for me. I,m not to good in cellphone tying and it consume alot of time while making a post on esteem app on cellphone. but now thanks to you i can use esteem on my laptop and it will be really cool.
Thanks @good-karma for this wonderful gift of yours.

Keep going Wish you a Best of luck Have a nice day

Esteem is a wonderful app. We are grateful to you for this lovely application. All the new great features are coming up. Thank you sir. We really appreciate your efforts in the development of this application.


Cool; but some says that typing on small board is another case that should be anticipated

I will continue to wait and enjoy projects that are always in the work right in the publication right, thanks for the information I always enjoy this post.

really esteem apps great apps.....I. Love esteem

I'm not sure if this is something you can do, but I would love an application or an addition to eSteem that gives you a page similar to the "discover" page on Instagram. Maybe that's something the Steemit team would do.

I've been using eSteem for almost a year now and have to say the progress has been great. Thanks for all of the work!

this is amazing because desktop version is great when we need to make a blog or long post because of it easy to type from the keyboard rather than mobile. I like its new look as it amazing. i am so eager to use it because esteem is always my first choice to use because its easy and user friendly.

This is a wonderful idea. A desktop version is awesome

This is amazing . Esteem is home now . This is a brilliant innovative. The app is superb and now the desktop version. This is absolutely amazing

good article, thank you for @good-karma

great application @good-karma. definitely steemian received with this great app. success continues @good-karma. we are waiting for your next posting sir @good-karma

The Best news , thank you for @good-karma

good information, thank you for @good-karma

i feel very happy to hear your explanation about esteem application, i am proud if have friend like you and from me wish you success always.

thank you for @good-karma, good job

The best announcement, Thank you for upvoted me

good desktop expereince

very good news @good-karma, I as a loyal user of very esteem apps - very make my work step easily. After Release yesterday's latest version is even more steady again. Again this time the excellent news, that the Esteem app will be present on PC devices.

@good-karma is the best.

Always Success and Continue To Grow @good-karma.

Me imagino todas esas personas, programadores, diseñadores, etc. Dando ideas, notando errores de ultimo momento, en fin antes del producto final viene un gran trabajo, saludos good-karma atte luz fermin.

nice app...........

Great job and great achievement mr @good-karma

awesome news, success for @good-karma

thanks for this article.

Great job and great very achievement @good-karma, thank you very much @good-karma, success always for you

Finally a better mobile version. It seem like the recent browser teem still need to have more upgrade. A better speed and connection speed.

Great Job with you. I so try be your post. Thanks a lot

  ·  4년 전

Enlightening is very valuable to me sir @good-karma

Oh my god i was just thinking about a desktop App today !

You guys such a great team .
The development on the esteem and now the desktop App shows a lot.
Seriously you r a real caseworkers who really supports steemit community.

Very Well Done!!

writing that gives me an insight into how to make steemit in a wide span. thanks a lot brother

I really admire the work you do, success is always for you sir @good-karma

Esteem is the best app in the world. Keep up the good work good-karma !!

I prefer to work with notebooks rather than Smartphones. So I can not wait to try it.

thank you sir @ good-karma
today you have supported me again and I will stay with you for success

thank you for the help of a good Karma. you is stemian the success in stemit .esteem

I'm really need Desktop version, but while I've been take it, that's not working normally. could you help me @good-karma

I am running Ubuntu Linux and look forward to your application. I prefer to use my desktop rather than cellphone apps. Will the Beta be open to the public?

Great app... I love it on my mobile device

Amazing progress @good-karma
This platform is truly revolutionary and I'm proud to be here on Steemit!
The network is still fresh, many international visitors from far corners, some local to our most metropolitan of the West, Steemit already feels a place for the global citizen.

Apart from the user community, at the heart of Steemit, the infrastructure functions as our eyes, ears, and arms. [Planet] Steemit now features teritiary experiences, in apps like Steepshot, Zappl, and even DTube. If any consideration for futher integration of these worlds would be key to truly unlocking the incredible power of STEEM, almost as a utility.

Thank you @good-karma for sharing this update and @aggroed for posting this!

It's very qualified descriptive posting that I like much, Sir

We really appreciate your team's efforts to improve this application to make it more perfect.
So far I have not found another application that is more complete than eStem.

Maybe it will be more perfect If there is a feature directly translates each post to the selected language.

a breakthrough convincing .. I hope the future esteem can more advanced. Good luck @good-karma.

  ·  4년 전

esteem is an excellent app but it is a bit slow. It takes time to open a feed etc. This problem should be rectified.

Thanks @goodkarma for updating us on improvement going on esteem app.

i love esteemapp,,i always use this

Thanks very much @good-karma

Thanks very much @good-karma

Thank you very much good-karma, looking forward to it!


Yeah im so looking forward to the desktop version.

Hı my friend.
My esteem post.
Why dosen't upvote 😥😥😥

Wow this is great! I hope there will be option to change the Vote Weight % . I've noticed it has been removed to eSteem App 😔 That is big help for those who have small SP and wants to UV more posts.


Just hold down the vote arrow and the slider will appear each time! It's such a cool feature!

a very good app is always @good-karma success

the eagerly awaited app. high appreciation for the effort @good-karma, hopefully esteem growing. success continues @good-karma

Can't wait for the post scheduling feature on desktop

Thanks for working hard to steemians.

Esteem is one of the things that I witnessed on steemit.
I so love it that even when I am off my mobile phone, had to get android emulator, so I will be able to run esteem app on my PC.
I was amazed yesterday(I got a new phone tho) when I checked the esteem app on play store and saw the huge improvement.
Thanks @good-karma

wooow, this is very exciting news, not wait to be able to wear it. Nice work fella

awesome news, thank you for @good-karma

thanks for your kind information dear

sir @good-karma drop by my place, visit me what I should do, I'm your big fan

This is a really nice post.
I would love to know more about esteem

Your work so amazing and awesome @good-karma. Congratulation...

Your work are so amazing and awesome @good-karma. Congratulation...

Your work are so amazing and awesome @good-karma. Congratulation...

Your work are so interesting and awesome @good-karma. Cingratulation..

Wow... That's a whole new level... I prefer this and I can't wait for to get started with it.

may be for esteem download link via computer. Thank

whether more will appear

I follow you good karma forever, I miss your coming.

Thanks for this esteem app @good-karma, i really appreciate you.
One qustion and Request at the same time, could you make a feature for notification from our lovely authors?, so i can make the first comment in his/her new post.

goob friends i like.....

  ·  4년 전

I have issues with the mobile platform when I share I get esteem:// instead of

Why is that?


I suppose That is so other users will open links in esteem rather than

  ·  4년 전

forcing people to also have an app is not friendly to noone. Anyway, it creates an unclickable link (not even for the person with the app) so is not really useful.


Ah. That must be a bug.

Whether you post from Steemit or you post from the app, you want others to be able to be able to follow links to other posts on the Steem blockchain no matter how they use it.

However, the reliance of a single server makes Steemit a single point of failure. If I use, another portal to the Steem blockchain, to read posts, and I find a link to your article on the Steem blockchain through there, I should go to that article in the same website. Don't you think? At least, most of the time.

Great post!!

extraordinary brother
@good-karma..this application helps steemians friends career in steemit platform.your kindness will not be avenged may always be given success in this life

Hi @good-karma, i'm supported you from aceh/indonesia,applications #esteem it's very good
Success foreverfor you @good-karma

Saludos, no viene al caso,lo siento que te lo diga pero no te olvides de mañana.. es el día de las madres... quierela, consientela... amala.

I have followed you, add me as well as your friend and help me in improving steemit.

Hi good-karma

Very good news, you and your team are amazing.
Steem Desktop is very interesting to us, thanks @good-karma

i every time enjoy esteem


goodkarma please upvote beginner like me, already 13 days i do not feel your upvote, thanks !!!!

i just say it that it is an amazing app to use it in our phone
Thanks for sharing with us @good-karma
i think the app is used must be as an simple app which we are used
already in our phone ..
i think no one is different other app like may be
it is simple like other app.
but thank for sharing with us.

Regard: @mahmoodhassan

This looks really interesting and good luck. I can't imagine how much work it must take to put together something like this, but it seems like it will be worth the effort. I wish I could have been in London in April for the crypto conference, it must have been amazing.

Wow...this is going to be really big.cant wait for it

Postingan @good-karma lagak that. Lon Hana ka vote

sounds cool... word

image i love you esteem and esteem @good-karma

I am very interested @ good-Karma, and I am interested to be a talent. thanks.

I am very interested @good-Karma, and I am interested to be a talent. thanks.

a very good effort, hopefully the future steemit program look more cool and interesting, safe and successful

why post I do not have a Vote, help with his suggestion @ good-karma

Ooo yeaah! What great news, the new application looks very interesting and good, I will take it into account to use it, experiment and navigate in it. Thank you very much for all that work and for the great support. Greetings.

I was just thinking about a chatting app for the esteem , so instead of opening the browser for chatting or something it would be better to have something like a #messenger for #esteem, that would be perfect !

Please upvote me

Please upvote me

Please upvote me

Hoping that it can be realized sooner or later Sir @good-karma

i got pleased with the new eseteem app update , i like the graphics very well , and this is even better . keep it up :)

@ my good-karma restui also in this esteem,

Wow Such A good post.

This is cool, it will be great to have such experience with notification, activity center, post scheduling, to mention a few and with an attractive UI. Wow can't wait to start using it. Keep the good work on!

frankly your post I've seen and I've read I think your post is very nice and quite interesting and very useful for me and for all friends steemian's all thanks

You keep moving and evolving... good on you @good-karma, been watching(and using) eSteem from the beginning.

Nice post, thank for information @good-karma

Tanks for you good-karma

But I think it's better that the old ones and who are currently being slow

Lebih bagus esteem yang lama.yang sekarang lambat.tolong supaya bisa lancar kayak lama

this makes the esteem more exciting (awai long)

Thank you very much @ good-karma, your success always

  ·  4년 전

A deeply touched enlightenment of mine sir @good-karma

very petrified with this latest program, and very easy in making posting in esteem @good-karma.

Indeed that is gonna be a great initiative. I am personally avidly awaiting for this service. I hope it will be so helpful, useful and beneficial to me.