Among other bird species

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Most types of lovebird variations come from cross-breeding. However for the type of lovebird red suffosion, there are few exceptions. The orange color of this bird feather is one of the genetic disorders. Generally, this happens to old birds that have passed their productive period. In other words, the bird can no longer breed.

Uniquely, not a few bird enthusiasts who want to have it. Even with a price range of 3,000,000 per head, there are many enthusiasts who want it. The sale price could be different, when the lovebird birds offered have lower quality than the superior species. Call it, a slightly faded red color or even physical defects in lovebird are sold.


Among other bird species, this type is the most expensive bird lovebird species in Indonesia. Factors that make lovers of lovebird lovers lutino is a striking color. Just look at the yellow color on the back, wings, stomach and tail. Another exotic thing that makes many people fall in love is the glowing red color found on the head.

If seen carefully, this red color looks like a crown. Even in some birds, this red color spread from the head to the neck and chest. Its beak is dense red, while at the end of the wing there is a white ornament. Interested in buying? The price of this gorgeous bird ranges from 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 per head.

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