Shooting Tricks Wearing Android Smartphone

3년 전

Taking pictures with Android smartphone camera the result is never going to be as crisp as DSLR camera shots. You see, the specifications and sensors between Android smartphone and DSLR camera alone is different or also practically different class.

But do you know guys, actually there are tricks you can do to make the shots of Android smartphone camera can be equivalent to the shots of DSLR cameras? Here are some of them......


During this flash on Android smartphones are often used to illuminate when you take pictures at night. Although in fact, using flash when shooting the night is futile. You see, flash light temperature is generally different from the room temperature that makes the distribution of natural light and even increase the noise in your photos.

Well, instead of using flash at night it's good you use flash during the day where the light is shining with the maximum. Flash will be useful lho when you take pictures when sunny or the sun is too strong. Flash will make the details of the object more obvious or clear alias.


The point is that almost all settings including the new camera are usually auto. Fun to use the auto settings, can make it easier because everything is completely automatic without you confused to set the settings.

However, if your goal produces shots equivalent to DSLR cameras then try not to use the auto guys settings! Try to tweak your camera settings like ISO, touch focus, metering settings, white balance and stabilizer.

Guaranteed deh, boldly make the settings manually then the camera camera shots Androidmu will be equivalent to the shots of DSLR cameras.

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