Do not be afraid of the world,

4년 전

the spirit and struggled problems need to go forward.

world does not need those hard, resistant depression. Mental Xi predictor of how people are resistant to

  1. Accept the rule of men's psychological.

They do not accept anyone's influence. For example unhappiness walked he say to make me feel that mouth.
Your mind and self-control.

  1. Ready to accept the change.

If you want to change their current living life not thinking. The issue became well accepted what would become resolved peacefully

  1. I do not belong to that issue head.

No matter how bitter the computer is suddenly destroyed their quite short. Their interest can be determined that the control body
In such cases, used to head. If your issue is not owned by angry angry will not change anything.

  1. Yourself to save lives.

People are easy to forgive others, but do I have a difficult job to forgive.
So I need to forgive the mistake itself. If so, you can teach yourself.
Whatever happened in the past, I try to point.

  1. The success of past and leave the past.

Now, he could very mind is inconvenient if you think of the situation and the current situation in reverse order.
They are the past than the current concerns of trying to achieve victory.

  1. Does not jealous.

'I told him not to If you try yourself.
Why is it convenient enough, I did, you'll suffer. He tries to be a successful start to his.
He tried hard to be successful. May encourage the success of men's honor.

  1. then promptly forgotten.

They are easy to forget. Overnight all of which were children. Do not think more than necessary for their good works.

(7) Please carefully read the facts. May just as quickly if I had stuff you'd be encouraged to pray.


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