A story: Thirsty

3년 전

11'30 in the night. I am standing in this place for 2 hours. The number of cars in the front streets is gradually decreasing.
My name is alisa I'm standing in front of a park. I have been very good today. There is no food in the house for the past three days. Therefore, I came to the streets today. I do not have to wait for Johnny to stay hungry for me anymore. One of them stood in front of me. I turned away from the eyes. Look at the boy like dry leaves. I do not like people like that. There is no juice in them. Although I have an abdominal stomach, I can not change my preferences. I love the little nadus people. I did not stand the boy again, maybe I did not agree that I did not agree Who knows how long it will be to wait. Today, we have to make some arrangements in any way.

After some time someone approached me. Seeing from a distance, I also liked it. If we get a little further then we can see better. Paint the expensive shirt wearing man. Looks pretty long and fair.
Can be ??
how many?
Why so much money ?? 1500 will continue ??
Going to 2800. I do not want to see interest. It will reduce my price.
Look, I can not give you so much money. I have to pay more. You will not pay hotel charges
You can go to your house. My house is empty. You give me 2800.
The man agreed in a little bit.
I too can be secure for three or four days. I do not have to suffer from hunger thirst.

I am alone in the flat. In 1600 square feet home. After we were sitting in the fridge, I told the man you would eat whiskey in the house. In this, I got two glasses of whiskey from the bottle and pushed me towards it. I got up and left the glass empty. I looked a little away and looked at me with astonishing eyes. I said I want a little time. The five mint became obscure in his eyes. Now is my time. Slowly I went forward towards him. Held and we took it to the neck. I know what I need to do. Before I could understand something, I had tight teeth in my throat. The warm blood came out. I thirsty I started drinking like crazy. My medicines worked well. The man just shuffled a little. After a while, the man will become frozen.

Today will be a great dinner.

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