Water skiing is a sport that plays the top surface of the water

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Kano is a small boat and is usually driven by human labor. The canoe has both pointed ends, and the top is open. But the top can be given a cover, according to the wishes of the wearer.

Canoes that use human power are driven by pedaling. The number of people who canoe canoe is determined how big the canoe size is. But generally canoe can only be climbed by two people only, remember because the canoe is a small boat.

The thing that distinguishes canoeing with rowing is how to paddle it. If the rowing sport the position of the rowers back to goal. But in canoes the rowers can be single-sided or double-sided.


Water skiing is a sport that plays the top surface of the water, using a boat-drawn board. In addition to using a sports board this can also be played by using tubing. The purpose of the use of tubing is to train the balance for beginners.

This sport was first played by Ralph Samuelson in 1922. By using a wooden drum and pulled by a small boat. But his effort slid by using a wooden drum failed and forced him to make a board to ski.

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