Achieve Future Success With Optimism, Effort/Endeavor and Tawakkal (Surrender Self To God)

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A beautiful future is everyone's dream. Everyone wants a life that is better than now in the future. Everyone want today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today (now). Life is inseparable from all the tests and trials that sometimes make us give up and not eager to live.

Therefore, we as human beings who are given common sense should be optimistic about the problems of the day and the future. Let's look at the future with optimism, endeavor, and tawakkal (surrender to God).

1) Optimistic nature


Optimistic nature is the nature of people who have positive expectations in dealing with all things or problems that occur. Optimists are not pessimistic. Optimism is the opposite of the word pessimism.
As a human being who has reason (intelligence), we should have optimism. That trait can trigger a person to be excited in completing work and giving strength in facing a life problem. In contrast to the pessimistic nature, can cause someone becomes less excited.

Optimistic nature is the commendable behavior that must be owned by everyone. An optimistic person will always think positively to self him and to God.

An optimistic person will continue to be enthusiastic in dealing with all existing problems. If it does not succeed in resolving a problem, then he will try again a second time, if he fails a second time, he will try again for the third time, and so on like that until successful.

Conversely, if someone is pessimistic, then they will give up and don't will try anymore. Pessimism is a despicable nature that we should avoid. Pessimism will make someone Negative thinking to themselves and to God.

Every trial and life problem that we experience must be faced with patience, courage, the spirit of never giving up, and really trying to find the best solution. Abstinence for someone to complain especially despair. This life will feel fun and feel wonderful if we are able to live optimistically.

One characteristic of an optimistic person is that he has good expectations before doing a job. Doing it with all your heart and feeling happy and when carrying out a job. People who are optimistic are always grateful for their success and do not forget to evaluate their shortcomings after completing a job.

Another characteristic of optimists is seeing everything as an opportunity, and possibility. In contrast, pessimists see things as failures and impossibilities. In a difficult job, optimists will always say, "Even though it's difficult, there's still a chance to succeed". Conversely, in an easy situation pessimistic people still say, "it's actually an easy thing for me, but I'm worried that it will fail later".

Optimists are usually characterized by radiant faces and easy to smile. Conversely people who are pessimistic usually often frown and look depressed.

How to grow and develop optimism

The following are some ways to grow and develop optimism:

  1. Having an outward attitude that proves how much trust in yourself
  2. Develop yourself by being balanced
  3. Develop yourself by being honest
  4. Develop yourself by improving how to talk and socialize

2) Effort/Endeavor


Effort is to try really hard to achieve expectations, desires or ideals. When someone wants something then they must want to effort or Endeavor to achieve it.

These efforts are an important part that must be done by someone. Thus, it is not justified someone who have the desire, to just keep quiet without any effort at all. Furthermore, the effort is followed by prayer, asking to God that this desire be realized.

3) Tawakkal (surrender self to God)


Tawakkal is surrender to God for the results of our efforts sincerely after trying sincerely and praying. For example: when facing a final semester exam, you have studied hard and completed the questions carefully and thoroughly. After that you surrender and give up your decision on the results of your efforts to God.

This tawakkal personality is one of the best characters. Someone who has tawakkal nature means that he has good start-up capital. If the results of his efforts are not satisfactory, he can receive gracefully and patiently. Conversely, if the results of his efforts are very satisfying, then he does not feel arrogant because it is merely a gift from God. Remember that humans are only obliged to effort, while decisions are entirely in the hands of God.

Someone who includes resignation in every action and effort will have a positive impact on his personality. This positive impact is seen not only when the effort is successful. But it was also seen when his effort was unsuccessful. People who tawakkal keep responding positively.

So someone who is tawakkal, if his effort is successful, he believes that success is a gift from God, which should be grateful and do not need to be arrogant (feel great). If the effort is not successful, then he does not despair and keep trying. In fact, he introspected why his effort had not succeeded. Is there something that is lacking or is there something he is doing not seriously. People who is tawakkal still believe that that failure is a delayed success and they will always assume that the failure is when they stop trying.

So we should look at this future with optimism, effort and tawakkal.Pessimism about success in the future will only make us not eager to continue to make efforts and endeavor towards improvement towards a far better future than today.

If you want to be successful, you must be optimistic, endeavor and tawakkal and not forget to pray.

Thak You For Your Time

Best Regards, @ijoel

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Yes! I agree with you extra effort must for good future.

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