Be A Happy Person By Finding Happiness In Yourself

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You have everything in you. You have a noble thing in you, that is feeling of happy. You don't need to expect others to make you and your life happy. Especially you women, don't make mistakes just because you want happiness from a man in the sense that you want a man to make you feel happy. Because there are many women who make mistakes like that. Therefore, find happiness in yourself.


What should you do so you find happiness in yourself and your life. It must be admitted that happiness is not an easy thing to do because it requires a process for it. Being happy continuously is not an easy thing because sometimes you also find obstacles and sadness in your life.

But it turns out happiness is good for the health of your body and soul. For those of you who want to live happily, take a little time to read this post.

1) Find the Positive Side of Every Your Experience


Get used to always looking for positive things from your experience. This is not only good for your overall happiness but also good for physical health plus can boost your immune system.

You have to accept whatever your experience is, even though it's not fun. Then, you make your experience as a learning opportunity to develop yourself be more better. It is important for you to reflect on the failure that you have faced as a learning process to get better results in the future.

2) Change Your thoughts


Sometimes you tend to remember the past (negative memories). You must change your way of thinking. Get used to training yourself to be happier by thinking positively and looking for the direction and purpose of your life. Focus on your current experience and accept your state without blaming yourself or others. This can help you to find the true happiness and loving meaning of happiness to yourself and to others.


Also do meditation such as prayer, yoga or spiritual reflection that can help improve the empathy and understand to yourself and others. By developing a side of empathy for your self, you can help increase your happiness. Of course, you will find your positive side from here.

3) A lot of grateful


Because with lot grateful can relieve your anxiety and depression. Besides being grateful also can make you more positive, strengthen your relationship with others, and encourage love.

Gather all the fun things from even the smallest things. You can write it in journals, diaries, social media like Facebook, Instagram, and even on social media. For example today when they are with your friends, they say funny things that make you laugh and smile even though it is simple. Besides that, you are grateful to them by saying a word of thanks to those who have made you happy (laughing and smiling), and also making them feel valued, of course you will be more grateful for that.

Take time to think about various experiences that make you think. "This is a beautiful moment and I want to remember how grateful I was for that." This can help you to remember the memories you have when you are at the lowest point in your life.

4) Find the Value in Yourself That Makes You be Confident and sure in Making Decisions


The values in you will determine how you think about yourself and your life. This will really help you in making decisions. For example, dedication to family, commitment that you want to do so that you can succeed in achieving what you expect. Try to take a little time and reflect on what is most important and meaningful in your life.

5) Imagining You're Best Self


Because by imagining yours that you are the best able to increase your happiness and well-being. so therefore start by imagining yourself in the future when you want to be the person you desire to be. Choose several goals and imagine that you have achieved them. For example, what do you dream of? What kind of success is seen when you reach it? What are you doing? How did you feel at that time? Then write down a number of scenarios and imagine what characteristics you need. For example, you want to be a figure of a student who has good achievements on campus, of course you need to be diligent, patient, and hard work to achieve it and achieve your dream.

Consider the skills you have. You might find that you will know what you have to do. When you want your skills to be developed further, think about ways to develop them.

6) Showing Yourself Lovingly


Know that punishing yourself or giving in to negative thoughts can make you feel weak and powerless and you are unhappy. Thoughts or feelings of guilt will not be able to change negative repairs. So start your day with positive sentences like "I accept myself as I am" or "I am a person who deserves love and respect" or "I am a valuable person in the eyes of my friends".

The steps above are the most effective ways to find and build your happiness. Do it and apply these steps, then you will find happiness in yourself.

Hopefully we all, today will find happiness in ourself

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