Be A Motivator For Yourself In Achieving Success

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Of course, all of us want "success". Success is not achieved by everyone. That means not all of us can achieve success. But keep in mind that all of us have the potential to succeed. Success does not come suddenly without we think, but success must be fought for by a genuine struggle.


Humans, in themselves there are somethings which names are "bored" and "quickly discouraged". True struggle will not be fulfilled if they still have this boredom and despair. To be able to struggle in achieving what we want to achieve and get, we must eliminate the nature of boredom and quickly despair first. Because that can be a barrier in our efforts to reach the success we want to achieve. Therefore, self-motivation is very important and is a driving force in doing the efforts that bring us to success.


Who is Your The Best Motivator?

The success of life is everyone's hopes and dreams (me, you, and all). Life's success can only be achieved with optimism, hard work and a strong will to achieve it. To be able to achieve all this be required motivation, especially motivation from within yourself as a driver in passing through obstacles and challenges that always exist and accompany life's success.

You Are The Best Motivators In Achieving Success

Of course, you all ever heard the words "The best motivator is yourself". From those words it reflects that our best and greatest motivator is ourselves, it is not someone else. The best motivation is in ourselves.

We (say you and all of you) know that in order to stay motivated we need a serious struggle. In this reality of life we ​​cannot deny that every day the human brain (we) is always attacked by negative thoughts, whether it is a concern for the future, regrets in the past, and so forth. Well, everyone without exception must have been faced with various problems and problems in this life, therefore motivators are needed so that we can train and encourage ourselves so that we stay motivated and not fall into negative thoughts, which is precisely if we let further worsening the situation. Because basically every human being is created equal by God, which distinguishes it only from the way we think, the way we look at a problem, if we have a warrior's mentality or a winner's mentality, then we will be able to move forward. But if we have a mental "tempe" (coward) then we will become a loser.

Surviving in a living condition that goes up and down is not an easy matter, and often most of us have to give up after several time failures in fighting for something. This is what causes most of us to experience failure in achieving success.

Therefore, in order to be always optimistic and confident in achieving success, motivation is needed to continue to be passionate and never give up on living it.

Simple Tips To Become A Motivator For Yourself

Well, how do you motivate yourself? The following are simple tips so that we are always passionate and motivated in achieving success.

1). You must avoid laziness, and instill in you your greatest enemy is laziness

In fighting for something to achieve success, the first thing you have to know is the biggest enemy is your own laziness. When you realize and know this laziness which makes you not excited about fighting for something, then you have to be hostile and keep yourself from laziness. If you have defeated your main enemy, God willing, the way to success in any case will be easier. Embed in yourself that lazy will only make you slow and also give up easily and quickly despair when you find (obstacles) obstacles and problems in your life.

2). You must determine the goals and expectations you want to achieve

In living this life, you must have the goals and expectations you want to achieve. By determining the goals and expectations that you will achieve, you will be motivated to live and fight for it so that you can reach that goal. Therefore you must focus on pursuing the expectations and goals that you have determined. The fatal thing that can erode your motivation is your lack of focus on what you want.

3). You have to find a reason why you have to keep fighting

Every thing we strive for, of course, has a reason why we must fight. So because of that you have to know what to fight for? When you have made and found a reason for what you are fighting for, then that reason will be able to push yourself so that you are not lazy and easily give up.

I think the three things above are the main ways to motivate yourself so that we remain passionate in fighting for the achievement of what we want.

Be A Motivator For Yourself Before You Become A Motivator For Others

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