Beetwen Lies and Honesty: Better Sick In Honesty Than Happiness In Lies

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The title of my post this time, it's actually inspired by the status of one of the Facebook accounts named Akhy Lisva, which I just read, August 2, 2018. If I read the status he seemed like someone who had been lied to by someone else. His tone, according to my interpretation, is more of a matter of two lovebirds being afflicted by love but is built on the basis of a lie or a skit. In the end, the lie was revealed as well and made him hurt. From the screenshots he shared, she looks was very disappointed. Of course, lied by sweetheart is very painful.

Interesting indeed if I read the status. One sentence that made me think about it, so I ventured to write it like this. The last sentence he wrote, it sounded something like this:

"Better sick in honesty than to be happy in a lie".[Quoted from the Facebook Status of Akhy Lisva]

Image: Screenshot of the Akhy Lisva Facebook account
Image: Screenshot of the Akhy Lisva Facebook account

That sentence, if I observe it turns out to has a deep meaning. It is true, something that is built on the basis of lies will not run smoothly, it could end with a very painful pain, and perhaps will cause and save the hate for a long time between the two. Conversely, if a relationship is built on the basis of honesty, even though bitter will feel sweet and so happy.


While honesty is something that is expensive and positive. In fact, it can not be bought with anything. Honesty must be planted in every one of us, under any circumstances. Honesty cannot be sold for the sake of momentary pleasure. Because honesty is the highest honor possessed by someone. When the value of honesty has disappeared from one's self, his honor and dignity will disappear and disappear too.

Here I do not intend to teach anyone. But, at least, we are both mutually self-inspired, and introspection each other, and see the mistakes and sins that we do honestly. Are we more a lot to lie or being honest? Of course the answer, only ourselves and God the Knower.

It is true, that no human being has never committed mistakes and sins. Definitely, surely, and surely everyone has done it. Whether it is done consciously or intentionally or not. We ever done mistakes and sins, at least in our lives ever lie.

If during this time, if in everyday life, we do more lies then introspection immediately, before it's too late because our life in this world is only temporary. Let us always try to improve our self and moral quality, we decorate ourselves with honesty and continue to be honest even though it is very bitter and difficult, so we can live side by side with others in harmony and peace.

Our lives will feel beautiful if we build them on the basis of honesty and trust in each other. On the contrary, our lives will be destroyed instantly, if we build it on the basis of lies and do not trust each other. If we love something, then love something that is meant on the basis of honesty, not the other way around, instead, it is wrapped in lies, falsehoods, or mere fiction.

It is true, every human being has the potential to be honest and to lie, honesty and lies are two opposite words. To be honest means not to lie and to lie to mean dishonest. Man, whoever he has the potential to lie and vice versa.


By nature, humans are good, meaning that we all want to do good for ourselves and for others. Someone's lying there must be some reason. It could be someone is lying because:
1). want to get out of the promatika
2). solely seeking profit, to hurt others
3). for the sake of a lie.

Honestly it is noble and lying is very hated and it can hurt the people we lie.


Honesty can be classified into several types.

  1. Honesty of Intention (Heart Sincerity)
  2. Oral honesty (Honest in words)
  3. Honest in action (work)
  4. honest in marriage
  5. honest in the testimony
  6. Honest in love.

Let's ask ourselves if all this time, we more honesty or vice versa. Let's be honest in every aspect, we should honest in saying, honest in doing, honest in love, marriage, honest in testifying and honest in work.and of course, the most important thing is honest to see wrong we did.

Lies make people hurt and honesty make people happy and trust you

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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