Children's Fun In Holiday (Idul Fitri) : Learning Driving a Car For Children

3년 전
Parents who love their children can always understand the needs and desires of their children. Usually in Aceh society during Idul Fitri (Idul Fitri holidays) arrives wearing their children new clothes.

In this day of victory, the children feel the joy and excitement and they look beautiful and cheerful. It feels there is less if not enjoy or play the car with other children in the field.

Lhokseumawe, Aceh is a city in Aceh dubbed the city of Petro Dollar. In this city there are many special places provided for children playing cars.

On Idul Fitri holiday, hundreds of children and their parents packed Hiraq Square near the mosque of Islam center. The Hiraq field is packed with many children and parents of children. That location has become the only child's play area in the city of Lhokseumawe.

The video: created by me on the second Eid ul-Fitr

In this area various toys are available, from the car, fishing mania, slide, helicopter and so forth. In the other corner is also packed with a number of traders with a variety of toys sold like a toy car, various robots, and so forth.

The whole activity started about 4 pm after the Asr prayer. The front of this Hiraq field stands the magnificent mosque of the famous Islamic Center. For parents who bring their children to play do not worry their stomach starvation because in this location there are also a number of meatball traders, boiled peanuts, and other snacks neatly lined the edge of the field Hiraq.

For once used toys, especially cars, whether cars run by remote control or who do not use the remote control, simply pay Rp 15,000 per 10 minutes. In one day the car provider can get a minimum of Rp 500.000 -1.000.000 said one of the owners of toy cars to me when carrying my child to play the toy cars.

For foods such as meatballs and other salled Rp with prices ranging from Rp 7,000-Rp 12,000 per serving. The visitors who come to the playground (Hiraq field) vary, generally from the city of Lhokseumawe, North Aceh to other districts such as Bireuen.

Activities play cars and other toys pause briefly during Azan prayer. One by one resident goes home until the location is deserted. But after the Isha prayer, the visitors (the public) came back and packed the field again. They also bring their children to play the games their kids love.

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