Digitizing Culture As A fact and Reality That's Can't Refuted Again in The Digital Era Today

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Nowadays, all aspects of our lives are closely related to globalization and digitalization. We must admit that the development of technology and science is currently increasingly supporting the existence of a globalization process that leads to digitalization.

Digitalization has emerged around the era of the 90s. The digitization process raises a new culture in the midst of the rise of globalization.

In this case, things related to family are the most basic place to build a person's mindset and actions. The family also has an important role in forming a culture that is continuous.

Along with the cultural development that led to digitalization, the role of the family was slightly replaced by the rise of the digital era.

Digital phenomena cannot be denied because they are integrated into the daily lives of people in the modern era today. Digitalization is no longer an option and not a necessity, but a reality that inevitably must be accepted and acknowledged by us.

Openness of mind and a sense of curiosity that makes the phenomenon a reality, especially in big cities like Jakarta and metropolitan cities. From this fact the difference is the level of digital user interests and priorities. Does he make it an option or even as a necessity. This is where the main role of the family to form a selective, wise and literate person.

During this time, humans live in the midst of a culture where culture is often defined as all the results of creation, taste, and human work.

In general, there are seven elements that shape culture in society, one of which is art and technology.

At present, the existence of art has declined in the community, inversely proportional to the existence of digital-based technology. Technology is increasingly recognized with all its shortcomings and strengths. In addition to helping in the field of science, in reality digitalization seems to have more negative effects.

In family life (household), the impact is increasingly felt with the presence of gadgets such as smartphones, iPhones, Ipad and so on. The gadget encourages someone to be indifferent to their environment, including their families. The intensity of interaction between family members has also been reduced, even gadgets have made the relationship with the family become tenuous because user gadgets are more fun with the major world. Excessive use of gadgets also makes a person lazy and can even reduce academic ability (learning achievement).

The term "Subdued Generation" is caused by the presence of gadgets. In public places, most people are more concerned with gadgets than socializing with their environment.

Actually this will not happen if someone has enough "provisions" from the family about the importance of socialization so that it does not replace personal roles in controlling themselves in community life.

The government also provides internet facilities such as public wifi in government institutions and schools. This shows that the government also supports digitalization, but there must be good supervision.

Thus, the community is able to take advantage of the digital era by not exceeding the limits and sinking in digitization in the digital era.

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